A mini-series to discover the territory…

Because the Destination Royan Atlantic conceals treasures, what could be better than learning to rediscover the territory in a new format. The series “Destination Royan Atlantique, you thought you knew us” presents 6 short films ranging from the Gironde estuary to the Côte Sauvage via the Entre deux-estuaires. These mini-films depict the rich and varied landscapes through the eyes of spokespersons. Episode 1, dedicated toSeudre estuaryWas reward at “The Spot” Festival, corporate film festival, in the “Marketing and Sales” category.

Episode 5 – Resort

With Georges – passionate about photography

Length of the video: 3 minutes 25

Episode 4 – Between Two Estuaries

With Christophe – priest of Saint-Sulpice de Royan

Length of the video: 3 minutes 10

Episode 3 – Gironde Estuary

With Mélanie – winemaker

Length of the video: 3 minutes 14

Episode 2 – Wild Coast and La Coubre Forest

With Laurent – ​​cycling enthusiast

Video length: 3 minutes

Episode 1 – The Seudre estuary

With Elisa – Mornaçon artist-designer

Length of the video: 3 minutes 38


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