With 100 km of coastline, two estuaries and many bodies of water, Destination Royan Atlantique is an ideal spot to tease the fish. The time of a stay or simply the weekend, fishing in Royan is a return to basics, closer to nature. Confirmed fisherman or amateur of new activities, we practice a reasoned fishing. Immersion in the most beautiful fishing spots of the territory.

Fishing in Surfcasting

Fishing in surfcasting is practiced from the beaches. Equipped with specific equipment, we cast long distances in the waves to capture various fish. THE confirmed fishermen bait frank or speckled bass, lean, turbot, sole. This fishing technique requires close observation of the natural elements that surround us: tidal coefficient, wave strength and water color.


À rising tide, the practice of surfcasting offers a unique framework on most beautiful beaches of the territory :

  • the Grande Côte in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer: direct access from the beach car park
  • La Pointe Espagnole at La Tremblade: car park, 10 minute walk
  • La Coubre lighthouse beach in La Tremblade: La Coubre car park, 15-minute walk
  • Les Vergnes in Meschers-sur-Gironde: direct access from the car park
  • Suzac beach in Meschers-sur-Gironde: direct access from the car park

Fishing at sea

With its diversity and its 100 km of coastline, the coastline offers beautiful fishing spots in perspective. Sea fishing allows you to spend a privileged moment on a boat. A guaranteed change of scenery during a sea trip! We sail in the waters of theGironde estuary or south of the Banc de Cordouan and its mythical lighthouse. Departure of ports of Royan or La Palmyre.

thierry avan

Many sea ​​fishing trips are organized with local guides.

Fishing in fresh water

Freshwater fishing can be practiced all year : canals, ditches, ponds, marshes and bodies of water. The species of fish differ according to the chosen spot: pike, zander, carp, trout... Want to contemplate nature, we position ourselves on the banks of Seudre and its many channels.

A brief overview of freshwater fishing spots:

  • The canals of the Marais de Saint-Augustin: you can find the famous crayfish there
  • Lande lake in Saujon
  • The cut in Saujon
  • The Pond Farm in Mornac-sur-Seudre
  • Lac Raymond Vignes in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer
  • Enlias lake and Briqueterie pond in Saint-Georges de Didonne
  • Body of water in the Town Hall Park in Vaux-sur-Mer
  • Body of water of the Metairie in Royan
  • Pond in Brie-sous-Mortagne
  • Ideas for fishing on the banks of the Seudre

Before starting, we think of bringing the compulsory fishing license.

lake st-palais

Where to buy your fishing license and find bait?

1 rue de la Tartane 17200 ROYAN
+05 46 23 86 11 XNUMX
(fishing card and bait)

AAPPMA – Approved Association for Fishing and Protection of Aquatic Environments Seudre Atlantique
27 Quai Jules Dufaure 17600 SAUJON
+05 46 22 32 51 XNUMX
(fishing card)

25 rue Pierre Loti 17200 ROYAN
(fishing card and bait)

4 rue de l'Ilate 17600 SAUJON
+05 46 02 83 34 XNUMX
(fishing card)

2 rue de la Corderie 17390 LA TREMBLADE
+05 46 36 01 79 XNUMX

A reasoned fishing

Here we practice a reasoned fishing, we sometimes don't hesitate to let go. Nature and fishing lovers, we take note of all the regulatory information before going fishing in Royan.



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