When the good weather starts to show up, you have to make the most of it! Spending time outdoors is good for morale and health. It's proven ! With its varied natural spaces, Destination Royan Atlantique is full of spots for enjoying outdoor activities. We have selected for you the top 6 nature activities on the territory.

The best activities to do in nature

Whether it's to exercise or simply to recharge your batteries, nature offers incredible possibilities for activities. Walk, run, set sail... Alone or with others, take advantage of an ideal setting made up of sublime landscapes.

Balade à pied sur un chemin en bord de mer
thierry avan


Hike on foot

While walking, we take the time to observe what surrounds us: the fauna, the flora. Our senses are awakened. The smells intoxicate us: the iodized air of the seaside and the marshes, the woody scent of the pines in the forest. We reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

The walking trails

Rando vélo en pleine nature
thierry avan


Trace the route by bike

To go to beach, go to the market, visit the surroundings, we choose the bike! At your own pace, it's a good way to do sports in the great outdoors. The many circuits invite us to discover the cultural, natural and historical heritage.

Bike routes

Rando nature en kayak sur la Seudre à Mornac
thierry avan


Escape on the water in a kayak

After a few strokes of the paddle, we move away from the hustle and bustle of the coast. New points of view are offered to us to contemplate the landscapes of the coast. Beginner, we opt for a gentle ride on the Seudre. The more athletic among us will choose a trip to the sea.

Our kayak trips

Balade à cheval sur la plage de la Grande Côte
thierry avan


Take a horseback ride

No need to be an experienced rider to try the experience. We take the marked paths in the countryside, on the beach or in the forest. At the walk, at the trot, the links are woven with the animal. Nose to the wind, we let go. You feel a sense of freedom from the elements.

Itineraries and equestrian centers

Stand-up paddle en mer à Royan
Shoot The Land


Test your balance on a paddle

When there is little wind, we go to the stand-up paddle to slide on calm waters. We take advantage of the current to let ourselves be carried away. Sitting, then standing, we find the balance to navigate in a magical setting. We find ourselves in harmony with nature and we forget the stress of everyday life.

All about paddleboarding

Session de surf à la Côte Sauvage
thierry avan


Surfing against the waves

Surfing allows you to surpass yourself physically in contact with nature. It is a state of mind where patience and observation are essential. For extreme sensations, direction the Wild Coast and its powerful waves. After a good session, you feel completely relaxed!

Our surf spots

A few tips before you get started

Before practicing these nature activities, it is important to prepare as well as possible to guarantee a successful experience:

  • Check the weather forecast and tide schedule
  • Equip yourself with a suitable outfit, hat, glasses and sunscreen
  • Bring a map
  • Seek professional advice
  • Bring water and food depending on the duration of your activity
  • Respect nature and preserve the environment
  • Be careful and if you go alone, remember to tell a loved one

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