In any season, it is good to indulge in an outdoor activity and get some fresh air. Even if they are not always motivated at first, children quickly find energy once outside to exercise. As soon as the sun comes out, family walks allow you to share time together. In the four corners of the territory, we enjoy nature and admire the landscapes. In short, we treat ourselves to a great family getaway by the sea or in the forest!

Rich insingular spaces, Royan Atlantique has many hiking trails. There are in fact around sixtymarked routes to survey. So, to help you see things more clearly, we chose 10 ideas for family walks. They are ideal with children. Classic or off the beaten track, these circuits take you into the Royan countryside, along the estuary or even into the heart of our towns and villages. A true discovery of our natural and cultural heritage.

Moreover, we can combine the family walk with a game to encourageenvironmental learning. For example, we ask children to collect leaves to associate them with the trees around us, to recognize animal footprints or to observe birds through the branches or on the banks. We spend a pleasant time with family while getting a breath of fresh air!

The 10 family walks that we have identified are easy, accessible to all and safe potential. At your own pace and depending on the child's age, you go through between 3 and 7 km in less than an hour and a half.

To follow the route, you can download the route in pdf or its GPS track. The Detour Trails are marked by blue signs and the Walks and Hikes (PR) have standardized yellow markings.

Not a drop of rain on the horizon? We put on our sneakers and let's go!

Iodized family getaways on the coast

Promenade en famille à la découverte des falaises de Meschers
thierry avan


Detours Trail No. 2 in Meschers

3.2 km - 40 mins
Beyond its village, Meschers reveals its cliffs and troglodytic caves as well as its natural beaches. A pleasant family outing along the Gironde estuary.

Discover the walk

Sentier Détours à Ronce-les-Bains
thierry avan


Detours trail in Ronce-les-Bains

3.5 km - 40 mins
We go for a stroll on the beach and in the lively streets of the seaside resort. We imagine ourselves in the heart of the Belle Époque while admiring its picturesque villas.

Stroll around Ronce-les-Bains

Balade autour du phare de Vallières à Saint-Georges-de-Didonne
thierry avan


Detours Trail in Saint-Georges de Didonne

4.6 km - 55 mins
Between natural and historical heritage, this family walk takes us to the city center, around the Vallières lighthouse and on the corniche. Superb perspective views.

Walk along the seaside

Sortie familiale à Vaux-sur-Mer, plage de Nauzan
thierry avan


Detours Trail in Vaux-sur-Mer

6km – 1h15
From the city center, we head towards the Town Hall park with its leisure lakes. We stroll through the alleys of the Domaine des Fées then, on the Nauzan promenade, along the beach.

The essentials of Vaux-sur-Mer

Forest immersion 

Balade en forêt dans le massif forestier de la Coubre à La Palmyre
thierry avan


Brandes trail in the Coubre forest

3.5 km - 45 mins
This loop plunges us into the Coubre forest massif, in the shade of maritime pines and holm oaks. During the walk in the forest, you may come across deer or wild boars!

Dive into the heart of nature

Nature hikes along the Seudre

Balade nature entre champs et marais à Chaillevette
thierry avan


Chaillevette between fields and marshes (PR 10)

3 km – 35 min (round trip)
From the Train des Mouettes station, the path guides us through fields before returning to the town. We continue to the port of Chatressac, along the oyster marshes.

Go for a walk

Balade à pied au cœur des marais d'Étaules
thierry avan


Stalls in the heart of the clears (PR 22)

3.3 km - 40 mins
Departing from the port of Orivol, we take small winding roads between channels and clear paths for a stroll in the marshes. At the end, a viewpoint over the Seudre estuary awaits us.

Walking in the marshes

Randonnée en famille sur les bords de Seudre à Saujon
thierry avan


Saujon along the Seudre (PR 17)

6.5km – 1h15
This family hike, departing from the port of Ribérou, takes us along the Seudre on paths lined with reeds. In the hamlet of Breuil, we contemplate our famous squares.

Hike along the water

Family walks in the countryside

Balade familiale à pied à Cozes
Otc Royan Atlantique


Detours Trail n°1 in Cozes

2.8 km - 35 mins
The route leads us to the discovery of the remarkable heritage of Cozes: the Saint-Pierre church, its medieval halls. A family stroll in the Royan countryside.

Discover an authentic village

Balade nature en famille dans la campagne de Floirac
thierry avan


Floirac and the hills of Gironde (PR 7)

5.6km – 1h05
In the countryside, the route winds between fields and vineyards. From the hillsides, this nature walk offers panoramas of the landscapes of the Gironde estuary.

Travel the paths

Some tips for successful family walks

  • First of all, we choose clothes adapted to the weather. The windbreaker is the ideal companion by the sea!
  • Then, don't forget a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen on sunny days
  • We also bring a backpack with water and snacks (the children are always hungry!)
  • Finally, we take care of the environment by respecting a few simple actions

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