5 spots to watch the sunset at Destination Royan Atlantique

When the day is over and the weather is nice, we just want to: enjoy the sunset. This simple moment when the sky is ablaze and the sun disappears on the horizon. Whether you're on vacation or living here, you never get tired of it! The shades of color offered by the last rays of the sun sublimate the landscapes around Royan and amaze us. Mauve, pink, orange… a new picture is painted each time. We wait for the finale like a suspended, magical moment. To make your mouth water, discover our best spots to admire the sunset.


1. Pontaillac beach with a view of the Cordouan lighthouse

Pontaillac is undeniably one of the favorite spots for locals to watch the sunset over the sea with the emblematic Cordouan lighthouse in focus. Lively area, people meet there to have a drink on the terrace, eat an ice cream on the beach, enjoy the show and prolong the evening in one of the atmospheric bars or casino. The setting is ideal for surfing or paddle boarding in the last light of day.


2. Galon d'Or Beach on the Wild Coast

For a sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, head for the Côte Sauvage and its 20 km of fine sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. One has the impression of being alone in the world facing the elements. The sound of the waves transports us. When the sun goes down, the sky and the sea merge. At the Galon d'Or, a magnificent panorama awaits us with the island of Oléron as a backdrop.


3. The Bay of Bonne Anse in La Palmyre

In the evening, we settle on the beach of Bonne Anse for a picnic with family or friends. Every day the show is different. Depending on the tides, the sandbanks are hidden or uncovered in the bay, revealing the furrows dug by the water. At sunset, the silhouette of the Coubre lighthouse looms on the horizon like a Chinese shadow.


4. The Pointe de L'Éguille and the clear ones

Here is an atypical place for a sunset. Lovers of nature and peaceful places, the "Pointe" of L'Eguille immerses us in an atmosphere conducive to contemplation. At dusk, the light of the sun is reflected on the clear ones of the oyster basin. La Seudre is adorned with a gradation of shimmering colors. In the silence, we witness a striking spectacle at high tide.

Loic Lagarde

5. From the Sentier des Douaniers

While the Sentier des Douaniers is a great classic for a Sunday walk, it also offers many viewpoints to capture the sun setting over the ocean. As here, at the Puits de l'Auture in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, you walk along the seaside under the umbrella pines between rocks and conches of fine sand. The sunset illuminates the squares and the remarkable villas of the Belle Époque.

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