Where canoe kayaking in Charente-Maritime? The best kayaking spots Royan Atlantique

Spanning several waters, the destination has an ideal setting for go kayaking in all seasons. Between the Atlantic Ocean and estuaries, you can both stroll by river kayaking or indulge in a more sporting practice aboard a sea ​​kayak. We reveal our favorite spots…

1. The marshes and channels of the Seudre

Sheltered from the sea wind, the channels of the Seudre are ideal for exploring the Marennes-Oléron oyster basin in peace. We take the time to observe the fauna and flora that surround us in this authentic environment with its huts and clearings.

mornac channels
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Self-guided kayak trip or organized excursion – departure from the port of Chatressac in Chaillevette or from Mornac-sur-Seudre.

2. The Chauvignac River

The Chauvignac river is a small well-kept corner in the town of Chenac – Saint-Seurin-d'Uzet. This exceptional natural site is Natura 2000 classified. We let ourselves be surprised by the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and by the color of the water. A calm and cool walk for the whole family, far from the hustle and bustle of the coast.


Canoe rental on site – departure from the port of Monards (Minoterie) – accessible from July to September

3. The bay of Bonne Anse and the tip of the Rhine

Situated at La Palmyre, the bay of Bonne Anse is a unique place for the practice of nautical activities. It is the refuge of migratory birds and still shelters some spats. By kayak, we stop on the tip of the Rhine, this sandbank which tends to close the cove. Even in the middle of summer, we enjoy the silence: only the sound of the waves crashing on the Côte Sauvage resonates...


Kayak rental at the La Palmyre nautical base

Kayaking in Palmyre

4. Sweet Seudre

The Seudre douce is the part of the river located upstream of the estuary, before its fresh waters meet the salty ones of the ocean. Of Corme-Lock in Saujon, you slide peacefully, following the current, on a 8 km course. After a few strokes of the paddle, the hidden landscapes of the Val de Seudre are offered to us.


Self-guided kayak trip or hike with shuttle from Saujon – departure from Corme-Écluse or Trois-Doux

5. Along the Rocky Coast

For a sportier outing, opt for a sea ​​kayaking trip between Saint-Palais-sur-Mer and Meschers-sur-Gironde. We defy the waves by paddling to the rhythm of lapping towards new horizons. Other points of view present themselves to us; the coast takes shape, between coves and rocks, fine sandy beaches and cliffs.


Kayak rental at the nautical centers of Meschers and Saint-Georges

Kayaking in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

Did you know ? Difference Between Canoe and Kayak

Born in North America, these 2 boats that can accommodate one or more people differ in several aspects, including the position of the rower and the type of paddle used.

  • In one canoeing , we position ourselves kneeling, legs bent back (you can sometimes find a bench to sit on in pleasure canoes). We row with a single paddle (a single blade) which has a handle at the other end (called the “olive”).
  • In one kayak, we are assis and the legs can be extended forward. The paddle is a bit longer and has blades at each end which makes it possible to alternate the strokes of the paddle to the left then to the right.

Now that you know everything about canoe kayaking, don't miss trying paddleboarding: thrills guaranteed! Once the balance is found, voila!


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