What is stand-up paddleboarding?

Stand-up paddle continues to convert new enthusiasts. This nautical activity is also well appreciated for its physical benefits that his relaxing aspects. Beginner or confirmed, the paddle adapts to all styles. Standing on a paddle board, paddle in hand, you stand up straight and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the landscapes of the Royan area.

We worked on the subject to find you the 5 best spots to practice paddle around Royan.

Where to paddle around Royan? Our TOP 5


Departure from the port of Ribérou at Saujon for a paddle outing in the middle of the Seudre marshes. Here, everything is calm: no waves. We take the direction of Breuil and its squares. We are out of the oyster landscapes. The atmosphere is unique. Nature imposes its rhythm; so we take our time. We trace our path between the reeds to follow the stream. Only the flight of a heron could interrupt this moment of peace.

Stand up paddle ride on the Seudre in Saujon

2. Bonne Anse Bay

Thanks to its sandbank, Bonne Anse Bay is protected from the swell of the Atlantic Ocean. So, we wait for high tide and climb on our board for the pleasure of sliding. Alone or with others, you have the Coubre lighthouse in your sights. Wherever you look at 360°, nature is immense. It could make you dizzy… So be careful not to lose your balance!

Stand up paddle ride in La Palmyre

3. The channels of the Seudre

Since port of mornac or Chatressac, we walk along the multicolored huts to meet the local fauna and flora. In the middle of the marshes, we let ourselves be guided by the channels of the Marennes-Oléron oyster basin. They meander to unearth secret places. In a few paddle strokes, you feel alone in the world. For little, we would forget to return safely!

Paddling on the channels of the Seudre

 4. Pontaillac Beach

More than a beach, more than a neighborhood, Royan « Tip “: it is a lifestyle. Between squares, villas and the casino on stilts, it is the urban beach par excellence. So, we bet on the right wave and we start. In paddle, it's the jackpot every time! Here, we are rarely alone. The view of the Cordouan lighthouse is shared by several people.

Stand up paddle ride at Pontaillac beach

5. Cepe beach

In Ronce-les-Bains, facing the island of Oléron, Cepe beach is protected from the onslaught of the Atlantic Ocean. When the sea is smooth, it's the perfect place for his first time. First on your knees, then standing, you quickly have fun on your board. When the sun sets on the horizon, it's magic! Once initiated, choose your practice: of leisure or sports.

SUP at la Cèpe beach

How to paddle board without falling?

To get started and be part of the community, consider using the diminutive of Stand Up Paddle : SUP.

So in SUP, you have to start well choose your board. You have to choose the size carefully and you have the choice between rigid and inflatable. The paddle should be taller than you. The easiest way is to start with a symmetrical paddle (which has both sides identical). You will prefer a suitable outfit swimming because falls are, despite everything, inevitable. And if you don't feel comfortable enough, don't hesitate to put on a buoyancy vest.

You are now equipped! Now what are the right gestures for paddleboarding?

For the launch, go up to your knees and get on your board. Take your marks on your knees first. Then, for the standing position, gently straighten up. Your feet should be the same width apart as your shoulders. Let your legs bend slightly. Your gaze must be far away to keep your back straight. For the paddle, position one hand on the handle and the other on the shaft.

A word of regulation

The SUP is a "beach machine". This designation limits its use within a perimeter of 300 m off the coast without specific supervision or diploma.

discover Paddle yoga in ROYAN

Take them physical postures of yoga on a plank in motion requires better posture. The key words of this discipline are breathing, concentration and flexibility. Harmony with nature becomes optimal.

We tested for you

Yoga paddle is a moment of pure relaxation in communion with nature!

Yoga paddle allows you to work on your flexibility, your tone, your balance and your breath to reach a state of total well-being. The execution of postures on a moving surface leads to deep and complete muscular work. Water, the elements, give you a positive energy, focus on your sensations and develop your partner In you. So they allow you to fully live the present moment while enjoying a privileged environment.

Stand-up boards adapted to the "fitness" type are much more comfortable for practicing yoga. Indeed, the pads (non-slip stickers) are flat and therefore more pleasant when you are barefoot or on your knees. Clothing is also important. It is not pleasant to have the zip of the wetsuit in the back when you are lying down, rather opt for a comfortable outfit and rather close to the body.


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