It is rumored that curious creatures have inhabited the most unusual corners of our lands, since the dawn of time...

Tèrra Aventura is a unique way to rediscover the heritage and unusual places of our territory while having fun.

Incredible treasure hunts in the heart of the destination

Lover of treasure hunt and geocaching, we try the adventure in Destination Royan Atlantique. We go in search of the Poï'z in Royan, Saint-Augustin and in our villages of character. Your objective: answer the riddles and find the badges hidden in nature to flush out colorful characters: the Poï'z! 

Who are the Poï'z?
The Poï'z are small beings with a strong character who try to prevent their enemies, the Bad Poï'z, from carrying out their misdeeds. Among the 35 characters of the adventure, you can notably help on the territory: the great historian Zabeth, the shepherd Zirrinzi or the adventurer Zarthus.

thierry avan

New course: Cordouan in sight!

This route leads us to discover the emblematic Cordouan lighthouse. We walk in the footsteps of the Operation Frankton raid, between the two banks of the Gironde estuary. In Royan, we walk in the districts of Foncillon and Chay. We pass in front The Palais Royan Events, the recently renovated Palais des Congrès. Then, the search for clues takes us to take the ferry, towards the port of Verdon. Throughout the adventure, we enjoy superb views of Cordouan.

We have seen a great addiction among players. You will have been warned!

How to play ? Manual :

  • download the Tèrra Aventura app 100% free on your smartphone (available on App Store and Google Play Store)
  • we choose one of the different routes
  • we download the chosen route and we meet at the starting point
  • we leave for 1 hour in search of the treasure
  • and above all… with each new course we discover a new story told and new puzzles!

Length of the video: 1 minute 55

The Tèrra Aventura courses in Charente-Maritime

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