Facing the Atlantic Ocean and the estuaries, Destination Royan Atlantique has various spots for nautical practice. The setting is ideal for indulging in nautical activities throughout the year. You can make surfing in Royan, introduce you to yachting in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne. Or rent a jet ski, explore the coastline by kayak or paddle, the possibilities are endless!

La Bouverie École de Surf

Jet Marine

Book online

École de Surf de la Côte Sauvage

Loulou École de Surf

E-WaterSport Expérience

Jet Royan

Firm. Opens at 09:00 p.m.

École de Surf Coco Surf

Tribu Océan


Canoë Kayak Saujon

Seudrement Kayak


Firm. Opens at 09:30 p.m.

École de Surf Oyat

École de Surf Freesurf

Let’s Surf

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