Saturday December 2, 10 a.m., Chay beach, the sky is finally blue and a silhouette advances on the sand. Something new is emerging in the area…

This is how the story of an exceptional collaboration between the Community Tourist Office and local artist Jben for the launch of the Royan Atlantique brand. The initiative to have the Royan Atlantique logo created by Jben makes it possible to merge the worlds of the new brand and the artist to breathe great energy into this project.

Royan Atlantique logo by Jben

Jben, the Beach Art artist

The Community Tourist Office entrusts Jben, master of ephemeral art, with the mission of reproducing the brand's new logo. Armed with his creativity and his rakes, he chose the sand from Chay beach to Royan as a canvas for his work. It thus becomes his playground. He carefully sets his markers and traces his first features, giving life to a visual representation of the territory.

Jben on Chay beach

Beach Art de Jben proves to be a unique way to enhance the beauty of the place in an ephemeral way. He works on wet sand at low tide. And the next tide erases his creation. Using different types of rakes, he precisely shapes every detail of the new logo. It thus adds an artistic and local dimension to the territory’s brand.

We immortalize the Royan Atlantique logo

The collaboration between the Community Tourist Office and Jben embodies an ideal synergy between the vision of the brand and the creative talent of the artist. Each stroke of Jben's rake on the sand becomes a harmonious fusion between the brand's DNA and its artistic expression.

Jben traces the Royan Atlantique logo with his rake

At 14 p.m., Jben finishes his work, marking the completion of the first phase of this artistic adventure. It’s also time for walkers along the Corniche du Chay. Thus, the general public can enjoy Jben's creation as an integral part of the landscape for a few hours. There Chay beach, now adorned with the new logo, becomes the scene of the next stage: the capture of the magical moment using photos and videos taken by drone. These media serve to immortalize the unique collaboration. They are essential for the creation of the Community Tourist Office greetings card. They are also used for the next communication campaign.

Jben and the Royan Atlantique logo

The drone photo and video session is a crucial step in preserving the ephemeral. The photos capture Chay beach, temporarily displaying the new logo. The videos offer a unique aerial perspective of the Royan Atlantique logo by Jben. These images will become silent witnesses of this moment. They will soon be ready to share with the local community and beyond.

The choice for the greeting card

The last act of this collaboration is the selection of images for Greeting Card from the Community Tourist Office. Choosing from all these magnificent photos the image that will best capture the essence of the territory is quite a task. However, it is precisely this challenge that adds an extra dimension to the creation of this map. It thus becomes a work of art in its own right.

Jben Beach Art

Drone view of the Royan Atlantique logo

by Jben on Chay beach

In conclusion, this collaboration between the Community Tourist Office and local artist Jben transcends the usual boundaries of territorial marketing. It gives life to an ephemeral artistic experience that captures the very essence of the territory. It combines the creativity of the artist with unique brand message. The sand of Chay beach thus becomes, for a day, the symbol of a common history. A story ready to be shared and celebrated by all lovers of our territory.


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