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EARL des Bons Bois

Agricultural operation focused on the production of asparagus for 25 years, vegetables grown in sustainable agriculture, part of which is sold directly on the farm.
Marie and Christophe who share with us the passion for their profession

What are the prerequisites for growing asparagus?
It is imperative to have sandy and well-irrigated soil... and that's what we have, that's why we had the idea of ​​asparagus. 25 years ago, we started with one hectare, today the asparagus extends over 12 ha! At the same time we grow vines and have table grapes in the fall. Asparagus is a very seasonal crop, the harvest only lasts 3 months, but it is intense. It really is the expected and much appreciated spring vegetable!

Why did you choose direct sales and producer stores?
It’s a great way to really promote our product. In supermarkets – and we have been through them – everything must be standardized to the nearest centimeter, while producer stores emphasize quality and taste before aesthetic aspects. There is more authenticity and everyone can relate!

Sale at the property:
– Asparagus: from March 15 to June 15 every day from 8:30 a.m. to 19 p.m. (closed Sunday)

Markets, fairs, exhibitions:
– Asparagus is marketed under the brand: “Saveur de l’Estuaire” which can be found in several shops in the Royan region.

From March to June: Asparagus
Autumn: Table grapes

Information not provided for 2024.
We speak French

Operator status

  • Producer

Local products

Product Types

  • Fruits and derived products
  • Vegetables and derived products

Payment method

  • Cheque
  • Cash



  • Sale at the property
  • Collective point of sale sale



  • Tourism and Handicap brand - motor impairment


56 Route de la Côte de Beauté
17120 Boutenac-Touvent
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