First-aid stations to monitor our beaches

In summer, no less than 22 aid stations are installed on the beaches of our territory. They generally open from mid-June or early July to late August. More than 130 lifeguards (MNS) thus monitor the state of the sea and ensure your safety. They are ready for any intervention (discomfort, rescue of a person in difficulty, injury, etc.), but their role also consists of providing advice on prevention.

The supervised bathing areas, materialized by the installation of two-tone red and yellow flags, are to be favored to enjoy the pleasures of the water in complete safety. Every day, the first aid stations tell you the air and water temperatures, the tide schedule and erect the swimming condition flags throughout the monitoring period, i.e. from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. Of the beach bracelets for kids are available free of charge on request at the aid stations.

Emergency numbers

  • International emergency: 112
  • Emergency for people with hearing difficulties: 114
  • EMS: 15
  • Emergency police: 17
  • Fire brigade: 18
  • Emergency at sea: 196
  • Royan Hospital Center – 20 avenue de Saint-Sordelin 17640 Vaux-sur-Mer: 05 46 39 52 52
  • Pasteur Clinic in Royan – 222 avenue de Rochefort 17200 Royan: 05 46 22 22 22
  • Polyclinic of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne – 3 bis bd de Lattre-de-Tassigny 17110 Saint-Georges de Didonne: 05 46 05 07 94 and Emergencies: 05 46 39 70 08
  • Allo Garde (nights and weekends) – 1 rue Paul Métadier 17200 Royan: 05 46 02 14 30
  • National Gendarmerie: 05 46 36 11 43
  • National Police – 13 rue du Château d'Eau 17200 Royan: 05 46 39 40 10

The good use of 15

The “Emergency” service of hospitals is to be consumed in moderation.
Before going to the emergency room, you must have the reflex to call 15. The operators will advise you and guide you for appropriate care depending on your situation.

15 is the number dedicated to health emergencies day and night, but it also allows you to obtain medical advice or access a doctor on call outside the opening hours of medical practices (night, weekends and public holidays).

What behaviors to adopt in case of health problems?

  • During the day: on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. and on Saturday mornings, contact your doctor. Only in case of emergency, call 15.
  • Nights and weekends: in the evening from 20 p.m., on Saturday afternoons, on Sundays and public holidays, you have a health problem that cannot wait for the usual opening of medical practices: do not go to the emergency room, call 15.
  • For a urgency : infarction, chest pain, respiratory distress, stroke, malaise, fracture…
  • For medical advice or access a doctor on call (outside the opening of medical practices)

Depending on your state of health, a doctor:

  • give you the necessary medical advice,
  • refer you to a doctor on duty or schedule a home visit,
  • in the event of an emergency, he will direct you to an emergency service or organize the intervention of a suitable team

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