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Boucle VTC – Du littoral à l’entre-deux Estuaires

This circuit will take you from the Seudre Estuary to the Gironde Estuary.
If water is the common element to this course, you will cross very varied landscapes.



This route follows Route 1 ("La Vélodyssée - From Ronce-les-Bains to Royan"), Route 3 ("Le Canal des 2 Mers"), Route 4 ("La Boucle de Meschers-sur- Gironde"), Route 6 ("Between Seudre douce et Estuaire de la Gironde"), Route 7 ("The Star of Saujon"), Route 9 ("Les Chemins de la Seudre"), and Route 2 ("From the Seudre to the Vélodyssée").

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

With the universe of the Seudre, these are small towns turned towards this river which will accompany you. You will discover the production of oysters, but you will also find natural reserves where migratory birds take refuge.

On the Gironde estuary, there are the seaside resorts that make the reputation of the Côte de Beauté, but there are also some nuggets not to be missed:
historical sites first of all with, among others, the lighthouse of Saint-Georges, the troglodyte caves of Meschers, Talmont or the archaeological site of Fâ.
natural sites, with the Forest of Suzac made up of maritime pines and holm oaks, it is home to many animal species.

Between Meschers and Talmont, you will walk along the coast which runs along old salt marshes where fauna and flora flourish quietly.

You will also discover a superb panorama over the estuary and the lands where the "Pineau des Charentes and Cognac" and the local Charente wines are born.

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