in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

PR N°9 – Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

Departing from Saint-Georges-de-didonne, at the Roche Blanche rest area, you will begin your walk on the beach facing the estuary, then you will be guided through the forest, to then reach the protected natural site of La Pointe by Suzac.

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Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


One should not venture on the paths at the edge of the cliff. Attention danger !


This path gives you access to the remains of the Atlantic Wall and allows a dominant view of the Estuary.

Located on Pointe de Suzac, the Estuaire Park is the 14th Nature Center opened by the Charente-Maritime Departmental Council. Rare landscape features on this portion of the Atlantic coast gather here: limestone cliffs, Mediterranean-style wooded surface, sandy conches. An exceptional panorama awaits you.

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DifficultySuitable for beginnersDuration01hElevation95 D- ​​/ 95 D+Distance7,5 km
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