in Saint-Romain-de-Benet

PR N°25 – Saint-Romain-de-Benet

This walk starting from the church of Saint-Romain-de-Benet takes you to the tower of Pirelonge in the middle of the vines which was originally surrounded by a wall.

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Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


This Gallo-Roman period tower is 24 meters high on a square base of 6 meters on each side. But the purpose of this tower remains vague. It was to serve either as a landmark with a beacon, or as a funerary monument to which an enclosure conferred a sacred character.
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
DifficultySuitable for beginnersDuration01hElevation50 D- ​​/ 47 D+Distance7,3 km
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