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PR N°16 – Sablonceaux

Departing from the admirable abbey, a lovely walk is offered between forest and fields.
A walk in the forest on the path once taken by priests who went from Sablonceaux Abbey to Saint-Romain-de-Benet.
The abbey was built in the XNUMXth century by William VIII of Aquitaine and entrusted to regular canons of Saint Augustine. It was remodeled after the Hundred Years War and the Wars of Religion. Following a long restoration campaign, the church is now reopened. Free access to the church and the chapter house.

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Sablonceaux Abbey (departure)
Abbey car park
17600 Sablonceaux
How do I get there?
Pedestrian sportsHiking route
DifficultySuitable for beginnersDuration01hElevation15 D- ​​/ 15 D+Distance7,8 km
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