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Circuit VTT N°3 – Étaules

Étaules, which comes from the Latin stabulum (stable, stable) and by extension (relais, gîte), is located in the canton of La Tremblade, in the heart of the Arvert peninsula.
Services for cyclists

Mountain Biker Code
Take the marked paths for your safety and respect the direction of the routes
Don't overestimate your abilities and stay in control of your speed
Be careful and courteous when overtaking or crossing hikers because the pedestrian has priority
Check the condition of your mountain bike and plan supplies and repair accessories
If you go alone, leave your itinerary to those around you
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended
Respect private property and growing areas
Beware of agricultural and forestry machinery
Close the barriers
Avoid wild picking of flowers, fruits and mushrooms
Do not disturb the tranquility of wild animals
Keep your trash, be discreet and environmentally friendly
Be well insured
Do not make fire in the forest, do not smoke
Do not camp in the forest

In the event of an emergency, it is essential to report the circuit number and the terminal number to allow rapid geolocation.

Route details

Marking 1The marking of the mountain bike circuit is provided with the specific directional mark for local loops. A white number on a colored background identifies the circuit, the color of the plate indicates the level of difficulty. Each terminal is listed by a position number (in black on gray background). Each number corresponds to a GPS positioning.
Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)
Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


The commune of Étaules was created on the heights in 1790, replacing the former parish of Notre-Dame-de-l'Isle, which had become inaccessible in the middle of the unhealthy marshes of the former Gulf of Barbareu. Set back from the coastal strip and the beaches, Étaules is a small town between 150 hectares of forest and stretches of fresh or salt marshes. In 1948, it obtained from the commune of Arvert, 100 hectares of clear land on the banks of the Seudre, to the north, as well as the oyster ports of Les Roches, Orivol and Les Brégauds. It is also an agricultural and viticultural landscape dominating the marshes. The motto of the town is Tempus omnia vincit ("time always triumphs").
Public toiletsCycling sportsMTB route
DifficultyModerateDuration02hElevation102 D- ​​/ 103 D+Distance30,7 km
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