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Boucle VTC – L’Étoile de Saujon – La pointe de L’Éguille

From the Impasse des Bains in Saujon, this walk on flat paths, around the Seudre, will reveal magnificent landscapes with good iodized smells where you will hear the song of birds in the marshes.



Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)

Itinerary 8: Marking: from the port of Ribérou de Saujon, the markup DV N°8 will guide you in your getaway. This route follows Route 8 ("From Saujon to the loop of L'Éguille"), and Route 7 ("L'Étoile de Saujon").

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Be careful when crossing the Rochefort road to reach Éguille-sur-Seudre.

This route will take you between Seudre Douce and Seudre Salée.
From Corme Ecluse to Saujon, discover the Seudre Douce with its calm and serene atmospheres. Here, you will come across kayakers who have come to discover this landscape from a different perspective.
In Saujon, you will follow the Seudre by the Chemin des Carrelets, there, time has stopped! The squares will remind you that we are in the world of fishermen.

You will follow one of the smallest rivers in France, "Kingdom" of the famous "Marennes Oléron" oyster: the Seudre. During your walk, you will observe the gardeners of the sea who come and go on their flat-bottomed boats and you will rub shoulders with the fauna of the marshes. The banks of this river draw a labyrinth of channels and squares of water trimmed with grass.

Former island of the Seudre estuary, L'Éguille offers the discovery of a picturesque port, neighboring the oyster beds in the heart of the salt marshes.
The menhirs and dolmens of Pointe de la Graupe bear witness to an important habitat from prehistoric times.
At the "Pointe de L'Éguille" you will contemplate a magnificent view of the Seudre and the channel of the liman.

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