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Sentier Détours N°2 – Saujon

Our towns and villages conceal many treasures... which are often ignored or avoided, hidden alongside the routes we take, far from the "direct" routes.



Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)

Marking "Detour Trails"

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Departing from the right bank of the port of Ribérou, this circuit offers you to follow the maritime Seudre along the ponds of the leisure area of ​​the moor and even to go around it completely.

In this haven of freshness and tranquillity, you can push up to a superb view of the Seudre and its marshes. The canal that blocks your way forces you to turn around to go back into the surrounding countryside, then around the bodies of water. You will cross the charming village of Ilate in pure Charentais style to reach your starting point.

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Sentier Détours N°1 – Saujon

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