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Sentier Détours N°2 – Breuillet

Our towns and villages conceal many treasures... which are often ignored or avoided, hidden alongside the routes we take, far from the "direct" routes.



Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)

Marking "Detour Trails"

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

Breuillet is located on the Arvert peninsula, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest and by the Seudre 5 km to the north, one of the smallest rivers in France.
With 3000 inhabitants spread over several hamlets, Breuillet was once much larger. It also included several surrounding towns, such as the charming village of Mornac-sur-Seudre.

This ride takes you through fields and woods.

Detour Trail N°2 – Breuillet

Distance: 9,0 km


Leave from Place Jean-Noël de Lipkowski.

Step 2: St-Vivien Church

The St-Vivien church dates from the XNUMXth century. It is classified as a Historic Monument. The portal is decorated with geometric patterns and topped with two floors. The first floor is decorated with an arcade of nine unequal arches. The second floor is decorated with three bays, the center one of which has an oculus. On the north side, the church has retained part of the old cemetery.
Pass the church and continue your way until you reach the path leading through the fields of Champagne.
Take towards Montil. Continue straight ahead and cross the Taupignac woods.

Église Saint-Vivien de Breuillet
thierry avan

Step 3: The old Taupignac golf course

In the 1925th century, the marshes of the Barbareu pond, infested with mosquitoes, were cleaned up in order to eradicate malaria and cholera. In XNUMX, Royan chose Taupignac, nearby,
to establish a golf course, essential for a fashionable seaside resort. On 50 ha, at the Vallon farm opposite the Taupignac estate, the golf company is creating an 18-hole course.
Continue towards the marshes and go up towards the Bois du Breuil to return to Place Jean-Noël de Lipkowski.

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