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Sentier Détours N°1 – Mortagne-sur-Gironde

Our towns and villages conceal many treasures... which are often ignored or avoided, hidden alongside the routes we take, far from the "direct" routes.

Mortagne sur Gironde


Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)

Marking "Detour Trails"

Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

This walk allows you to discover the old town of Mortagne-sur-Gironde, camped on the cliffs which is organized around the church of Saint Etienne and the town with its shops. The walk full of colors and reliefs invites to the historical recognition of this rich heritage offered by Mortagne-sur-Gironde.

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Point de vue – Le Belvédère

Office de Tourisme Mortagne-sur-Gironde

Detour Trail N°1 – Mortagne-sur-Gironde

Distance: 4,5 km


Leave from Place Bel Air.
The stele of Yvain de Galles “the Red Hand” recalls that this valiant fighter with the armies of France against the English died tragically in 1378 during the siege of the castle of Mortagne.

Step 2: Saint-Étienne church

It is listed as a Historic Monument. According to legend, a crypt houses the bodies of Charlemagne's companions. The XNUMXth century church was ravaged by the Huguenots during the wars of religion. It will then be rebuilt according to the styles of different periods.

Église Saint-Étienne à Mortagne-sur-Gironde
thierry avan

Step 3: The Fontclous fountain

We take a little distance from the village to go to the Fontclous wash house. This source owes its name to the monk who would become Saint-Cloud and who made this spring flow under the foot of his horse.
We continue our way until we reach the cliff.

Step 4: The Saint-Martial hermitage

You have to imagine the troglodyte hermitage of Saint-Martial in the 76nd century: the sea reached the foot of the cliff. The turret which overlooks it would have served as a landmark, a bell tower and a windmill. A staircase of XNUMX steps dug into the rock provided access to the hermitage and its chapel. Living rooms were set up there: the kitchen and its fireplace, the refectory, the pantry, the cells and dormitories. Dwellings and chapel can be visited all year round.
Return to Bel Air Square.
The belvedere and its orientation table: panoramic view of the Gironde estuary, the marshes and the port of Mortagne. A second Détours route awaits you there to discover a circuit that combines history and nature.

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