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Sentier Détours N°1 – Ronce-les-Bains

Our towns and villages contain many treasures….. that we most often ignore or avoid, hidden alongside the routes we take, far from “direct” routes.

Route details

“Detour Trails” markings
Hard coating (tar, cement, floor)
Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring


This walk leads to the heart of the seaside resort of Ronce-les-Bains and its picturesque villas: from the creation of these typical dwellings, from the origin of the name of the resort to their stories. The walk plunges us into the past where sea bathing had a real therapeutic craze and where the wealthiest built their homes as best they could, drawing inspiration from the artistic currents in vogue.

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Public toiletsPedestrian sportsTheme course / trail
DifficultySuitable for beginnersDuration00hDistance3,5 km
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