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Les Mathes-La Palmyre
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Royan Atlantique racecourse, boulevard du "trot"

Renovated in 2012, theRoyan Atlantic Racecourse hosts national level horse racing. It hosts four of the most prestigious French coaches : Guillaume Macaire, Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé, Thomas Fourcy and Isabelle Gallorini.

For more than half a century, the La Coubre forest has served as the setting for the Royan racecourse. Located at Palmyra, this 24-hectare site includes, in addition to the famous racetracks, a training center. Besides, more than 300 horses per year live there and exercise there year-round.

Horse at the Royan racecourse stand

These installations, recognized for their high technical qualities by the official bodies of the sport equestre, complete a long story that began in the second half of the XNUMXth century. The introduction of thoroughbred breeding in the tricolor stud farms went hand in hand with the organization of horse shows. They were thus inspired by the English model.

In 1864, the "Society of encouragement for the improvement of the French half-blood horse" was created. This association is then responsible for ensuring the promotion of “trotting” events. There Grande Conche of Royan, is already hosting its first Horse races. Moreover, summer visitors flock there and take a passion for these fantastic rides. They begin to bet on the results, first through bookmakers and then, a little later, under mutualist formulas. This system culminated with the creation of the PMU in the 1930s. This mix between entertainment and gambling attracted new tourist demand, attracted by sea ​​bathing fashion.

Flat racing at the Royan Atlantique racecourse

Royan, stage of the Green Trophy

In the region of Royan, the embryo of the future racecourse appears one hundred years later. A field in La Palmyre welcomes the organizers of horse races. By small successive touches, the place is enriched with infrastructures: a weighing room is installed in 1965 and also stands erected in 1980. At the same time, the training center develops under the aegis of renowned technicians who have come to practice their art in the Charente region.

Great names follow one another

The Tierce family specializes in trotting work. Then a decisive turn began in 1989 with the arrival of Guillaume Macaire (still in office). He is the future record holder with Bernard Sécly for the number of victories (6) won at the great Steeple Chase in Paris. He is also the leader of the national list of obstacle trainers between 2009 and 2017. Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé has been working at La Palmyre for almost thirty years. He took first place in this same ranking in 2007. He also appears eleven times in his Top 5 after 2003. His former jockey is Thomas Fourcy (over 300 wins). He joined the training center in 2017. He trains his stable of 40 boxes there, more than half of which are purebred Arabians. The same year, Isabelle Gallorini has also established its base in Mathes (20 boxes).

Race at the Hippodrome de Royan

The Royan-Atlantique racecourse takes place a trotting track 1 meters outside (425 meters straight), and un "flat" circuit indoors (1 meters). It enjoys a first category classification (national level) for trotting races and a second category for galloping. In this discipline, the facility hosts a stage of the Green Trophy which engages the best drivers in France (it is a harnessed trot).

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