Lasting 25 minutes, the film “L'Or du Temps” offers an immersive dive into the history of the Royan region. It traces its evolution from the Neolithic period to the present day, revealing its natural riches and its cultural heritage.

“L’Or du Temps is the story of a territory, yours.”

Since Antiquity, the inhabitants, nicknamed the “Santons”, have exploited local treasures such as salt, oysters and vines. They built ports, roads, churches and castles. These buildings will then shape the landscape over the centuries. The story explores periods of wars, Christianization, religious conflicts and tax revolts. It also emphasizes times of prosperity thanks to maritime trade. Significant events such as the Hundred Years' War, the Wars of Religion and even the dragonnades are presented. They highlight the resilience of the territory in the face of adversity.

In the nineteenthe century, modernization manifests itself with the development of the railway, the economic boom linked to the exploitation of local resources and the tourist attraction of the beaches. Periods of world wars also leave their mark, with the Second World War being particularly devastating. In 2023, the story ends with a perspective on the future of the region. Residents are committed to preserving their history by restoring iconic monuments. This highlights their attachment to a rich and diverse past.

One of the objectives of “L’Or du Temps” is to show that the history of the territory is not limited to the seaside period and to the bombings of Royan in 1945.

The history of the Royan region is above all that of these men and women attached to their territory who, despite the hardships, have always been keen to preserve it.

The Gold of Time, an old sailor

The “The Gold of Time” project

“L’Or du Temps” is a collaboration between the Community Tourist Office and the production studio Dripmoon. A passionate and professional team with multiple skills. For 10 months, the teams interacted daily to ensure the quality of the film but also the historical veracity, essential for the Community Tourist Office. “L’Or du Temps” is not a “promotional” film on the history of the Royan region. It is a journey through time so that the inhabitants of the territory can find, in the past, some keys to prepare the future of the Royan region.

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