Melons, oysters, Pineau… Between estuaries, lands and hillsides, the terroir and gastronomy of the Royan area is rich. 

The pleasures of the table are no stranger to the quality of life of Royan and its surroundings. Fresh produce on market stalls, harvest fruit from our Gironde hillsides, original recipes from inspired chefs, land and sea on the plate… The terroir and local gastronomy reflect the variety of our terroirs.

From stall to plate

thierry avan

From the medieval halls of Cozes to the 50s halls of Royan, passing through the markets in the open air, we set off to discover the stalls of the Royan area. By the sea or in the middle of the Royan countryside, we taste our fresh and local products.

Essential product of Charente-Maritime: the Marennes-Oléron oysters. Here, we don't care about the months in “R” it's all year round that we taste oysters in the oyster huts.
The new “star” of the claires, the imperial prawn or gambas is delicious a la plancha. 

In summer, we participate in our festivities rich in flavor: the melon festival, sardinades, giant eclades… We have what it takes on the territory to whet your appetite!

Wine and spirits

Between the mildness of the estuaries and the iodized air of the Atlantic, the vines of the Pays Royannais benefit from a temperate climate. The wine productions deploy their supple and fragrant character. In the extension of the Bordeaux and Cognac vineyards, along the estuaries of the Gironde, or the Seudre, the winegrowers from the Pays Royannais perpetuate an ancestral and reasoned culture of the vine.


Another treasure of Royan gastronomy, the Pineau des Charentes is both singular and plural. Between tradition and innovation, Pineau des Charentes is the Charente aperitif par excellence.

There is no doubt that the Destination Royan Atlantique will satisfy your taste buds thanks to its terroir and gastronomy.

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