With 50 km of shoreline, Destination Royan Atlantique offers the perfect setting for seaside holidays in Charente-Maritime. The 34 beaches on our coast allow you to enjoy swimming, walking or water sports.

From Meschers-sur-Gironde to Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, the landscape is marked by the alternation of bays called " conches and rocky cliffs. Conversely, the confined ranges of theGironde estuary, ocean beaches des Mathes and La Tremblade open onto a wilder setting with vast dune spaces bordered by pine trees facing theocean the atlantic. Each beach has its own character and atmosphere. They offer a privileged framework for the practice of numerous beach sports. Some, less known, are deserved…

Urban beaches

The urban beach is an essential part of the identity of seaside resorts in the Pays Royannais. Situated at near the city center, it is then often bent between two rocky areas. In the background, the seaside villas encircle it as if to better protect it.

Its shape recalling that of a shell, it is then given the name of conch.

Friendly par excellence, it is the haunt of families and regulars. Children play quietly on the sand, splash around in the water and also enjoy the many activities on offer. The urban beach reassures parents and also grandparents. Between the conches, the coast invites you to stroll, whether on foot or by bike. The walker alternates between the Grande Conche de Royan, the beach of the Council, much more discreet or Pontaillac, which comes alive at sunset.

Natural beaches

Similar to its urban sister, the natural beach sees the limestone cliffs and forests replace rocks and villas. Sometimes hidden from the road, you have to get there through the pines. The noise of the city thus disappears in favor of the murmur of the waves and the breath of the wind. For the most secret, you even have to be in on the secret: know the stairs to get there or wait for low tide. Once installed, you finally feel isolated, protected. The natural beach does not forget comfort: it can be supervised and/or equipped.

We are in no rush to leave. Why not sit on the terrace a bar or restaurant ? And stay there until the end of the night...

thierry avan

Natural beach of Suzac in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

But also wild beaches

Facing the immensity ofAtlantic Ocean, wild beach, helped by the high winds, carpets its fine sand out of sight. From beach to beach, it is a real wild coast that stretches over more than twenty kilometres. Here, little or no human construction. There are, here and there, a few blockhouses testifying to the Atlantic Wall. And also, the La Coubre lighthouse which dominates this unique landscape. The forest of the same name overlooks and fixes the dunes, a role also played but on a smaller scale by the beachgrass. Here, we are elsewhere. Here, wide open spaces reign. More than facing the sea, you find yourself facing yourself…

For swimmers, caution is required. You have to swim near the aid stations because the currents due to the baïnes are very powerful.

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