More than 150 km of hiking trails crisscross the Destination Royan Atlantique between ocean and estuaries, vineyards and marshes.

With a pleasant climate and a slightly accentuated relief, the territory lends itself perfectly to walking in every season. The different itineraries allow both hiking by the sea, in the heart of the forest but also in the countryside through preserved natural areas. You can thus walk through our 3 large Natura 2000 areas. Short walks or long hikes, our circuits are aimed at all walkers. You will easily find the ride that suits the mood of the moment.

Hikes and walks

Looping or roaming, more than 50 marked hiking trails invite you to explore our destination. In Hiking, we take the time to observe the landscapes, wooded or hilly, wild or oyster farming… We also stop to admire the panoramas along the coast. Whatever your itinerary, you will be surprised by the richness of our natural and architectural heritage.

The GR® 4 from Royan to Ronce-les-Bains

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Footpath in the Coubre forest

1 km long, the path of Great Hike GR®4 crosses 13 departments from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. In Charente-Maritime, Royan is the starting point. The route continues for 40 km to Ronce-les-Bains. In the Alpes-Maritimes, the city of Grasse marks the arrival.

The portion from Royan to Saint-Palais-sur-Mer takes the Customs Trail which runs along the coast. This footpath hugs the twists and turns of the rocky coast. It overlooks cornices and conches and meanders between holm oaks and maritime pines.

The GR®4 then goes deeper into the national forest of La Coubre for 17 km from La Palmyre to Ronce-les-Bains. This great hike passes at the foot of the Gardour tower, a former watchtower for forest fires and landmark for navigators, located on the highest point of the forest (64 m).

Walks and Hikes

Lasting a few hours or a day maximum, the trails of Walk and Hike (PR) are suitable for everyone. 19 circuits from 4 to 15 km are listed on the Destination Royan Atlantique, in the four corners of the territory. With each season, the lights and landscapes change, offering new perspectives… We never tire of taking the same paths. For a quiet walk or a more athletic walk, you will appreciate the calm of our wide open spaces.

The Detours® Trails

Our towns and villages conceal many treasures that we ignore or that we most often avoid, hidden next to the routes we take, far from the “direct” routes. Places, heritage elements, viewpoints or atmospheres bear witness to thelocal history and tell many unusual anecdotes. It is to this stroll that these Detours® trails in the heart of the villages, for a few kilometers that are easy to access and passable with the family.

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On the Pointe de Suzac side at sunset

The road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

There is no single path but ways of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. They bring together the hiking routes taken by pilgrims to reach Compostela. On Destination Royan Atlantique, the Chemin de St-Jacques is a diversion from the Voie de Tours (or Via Turonensis) which comes from Paris and crosses the Saintonge. This 39 km alternative route from Saintes connects Sablonceaux and its majestic abbey in Royan. It then takes pilgrims to Gironde, on the Coastal Way (known as “Soulac”), after crossing the estuary by the Royan ferry.

All the offer of our pedestrian circuits can be found on our hiking maps available at the tourist office and on theLoopi app.

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