Destination Royan Atlantique has 19 marinas and fishing ports along its entire coastline. From the Seudre to the Gironde via the Atlantic coast, the ports invite you to stroll. We never tire of admiring the colorful huts of the oyster ports and letting ourselves be lulled by the tinkling of the masts of the boats.

Departing from the marinas, many nautical activities are possible: jet-skiing, water skiing, towed buoy, motor boat ride with or without a license, sea fishing... but also canoeing on the banks of the Seudre. To prepare your stay in Charente-Maritime, the captaincies are at your disposal to provide you with advice and support you in your procedures: navigation, mooring, mooring or launching areas.

The port of Royan

Right in the heart of the city, the port of Royan is one of the most important marinas from the Atlantic coast with Arcachon and La Rochelle. Well sheltered from the winds and protected by the landing stage for the ferries which ensure the crossing of the Gironde, this deep-water port has more than a thousand rings for boats up to twenty-five meters. With an artisanal flotilla of around thirty boats, its fishing port has made a specialty of noble species. Sole, bass and lean are by far the first species landed and sold on the Royan auction.

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