With 100 km of coastline, 34 beaches, 19 ports and more than forty nautical providers, Royan Atlantique is a privileged destination for boating and fishing in all forms.

Our territory is ideally located on 3 waters: Atlantic Ocean, Gironde estuary and Seudre estuary. It offers varied navigation areas for boating. You learn to make the most of the waves, the space and the wind. Surfing, paddle, sailing, kayaking, sand yachting... A wide range ofnautical activities awaits you for a sporting activity. We take you on a stroll to discover the riches of our coasts.

Boating and sliding 

With its natural assets, the destination offers 17 different water activities to discover. It has large sandy beaches. With its powerful waves, the Atlantic coast is conducive to thrilling sliding sports. The Gironde and Seudre estuaries are also perfect for boating. We take off or we indulge in more gentle activities. Overview of practices, alone or accompanied by professionals at your service.

boating on the Atlantic coast

At La Tremblade, the Côte Sauvage stretches for nearly twenty kilometers facing the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Renowned for its formidable waves, it has a multitude of sliding spots for surfing or bodyboarding. They are part of best surf spots in Charente-Maritime. In Royan, the beach of Pontaillac, less exposed, therefore offers an excellent warm-up tour for surfers of all levels.

Follower of kite surfing, we go to Galon d’Or or the bay of Bonne Anse in La Palmyre. These bodies of water are particularly well suited. They thus provide ideal conditions at rising tide to get started or progress in complete safety.

Swept by a westerly swell, the beaches of the Royan coast allow you to practice boating with also thrilling activities . Try it Jet Ski or the flyboard but also the light sail. In catamaran, windsurfing or also in wingfoil – an emerging hybrid discipline between kitesurfing and windsurfing – the speed of the glide and the sea air provide a feeling of freedom. At low tide, we take advantage of the wide open spaces to try the yachting on the beaches of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer and Saint-Georges-de-Didonne.

The Gironde estuary

Just like the Atlantic, theGironde estuary also has an exceptional adventure area for all kinds of water sports. From Saint-Georges-de-Didonne or Meschers-sur-Gironde, you can learn the basics of sailing. We also go to Paddleboarding or sea kayaking in an idyllic setting, between conches and cliffs. Europe's largest estuary also lends itself to motorboat or sailboat rides. From the sea, we perceive new points of view on the coast. Admire the troglodyte caves and promontory of Talmont-sur-Gironde.

Sailboat in front of the cliffs of Meschers-sur-Gironde

The Seudre estuary

Want a moment out of time? I'Seudre estuary is recommended for an outing in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron oyster basin. Sheltered from the offshore winds by the island of Oléron, you then glide gently canoe kayak or stand-up paddle. On the smallest estuary in France, you cross a mosaic of landscapes made up of clearings and channels. We are struck by the beauty and tranquility of the place. Supervised walks combine discovery of the fauna and flora of the estuary and tasting of local products.

Water sports - Paddles and kayaks at the port of Mornac-sur-Seudre

practice water sports with nautical bases and surf schools

Novice or confirmed, instructors with a diploma from sailing schools accompany you to start in navigation in complete safety. They are also there to prepare for a competition in your favorite sport. Finally, the supports are adapted to each age: optimist, funboat, dinghy, catamaran, sand yacht or windsurf. Before taking your first tacks, you first learn to master the wind and how to handle your boat.

Did you know?

Le Royan Atlantique Catamaran Regional Training Center was created at the end of 2018 to allow young people with potential to continue their studies in the sports section in Royan while actively training at the Meschers nautical club or at Saint-Georges Voile. The objective is to prepare them for the highest level competitions.

thierry avan

Nautical activities in Saint-Palais

surf schools

More than a sport, the surf is also a state of mind. If the destination has as manysurf schools on its coastline is that it is the most practiced sport in the region ! The lessons, individual or group, are adapted according to the level, the weather conditions and supervised by state-certified professionals. We experience the pleasures of skiing on the most beautiful Charente Maritime beaches !

Sea and freshwater fishing

Between sea and estuaries, the Pays Royannais benefits from a diversity of fishing in Charente-Maritime. From the wide beaches of the Côte Sauvage and the Grande Côte, you can indulge in surfcasting. This spinning fishing technique consists of casting your line a hundred meters after the biggest waves. We thus achieve good catches such as meager or speckled bass. Pollock, bluefin tuna and mackerel are other species found in the Gironde estuary. Several fishing guide instructors organize sea ​​trips to share their passion with you and introduce you to different techniques.

Did you know?

La fishing "listening" meager is a local tradition. At the end of spring, when this fish goes up the estuary to spawn, the fisherman sticks his ear to the bottom of the boat. The grunt of the meager helps to locate the location of the benches.

On the Seudre, the courses of La Taillée and Trois Doux are excellent playgrounds for practicing the different types of river fishing (shot, fly, lures…) and catch roach, perch or pike. As a family, we favor lake fishing. These well-equipped and very accessible bodies of water make it possible to bait roach, bream or carp.

Whatever the type of fishing we practice, we respect the minimum areas, quantities and sizes defined by the regulations in force in order to protect our environment and we obtain a card for freshwater fishing. Today, fishing on foot is no longer authorized on the territory.

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