The thermal baths of Saujon welcome you a few kilometers from the ocean. For 160 years, the pure waters extracted from the soil of Saujon have been recognized for their therapeutic virtues. They are used to treat anxiety-related disorders. Hydrotherapy in Saujon is a natural alternative solution to cope with stress and improve your daily life..

Do you know the difference between hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy?

  • Le hydrotherapy has curative aim whose effects are scientifically proven and medically recognized. It is based on the virtues of spring waters whose natural chemical properties treat specific pathologies. Spa treatments are supervised by specialist doctors.
  • La thalassotherapy has, meanwhile, a preventive and relaxing aim. It only uses seawater and draws its benefits from the marine environment: algae, sea mud, etc.

Hydrotherapy: why choose Saujon for its spa treatment? ?

Due to its sodium chloride content, Saujon thermal water has a tonic action, while the presence of calcium and magnesium gives it particularly effective sedative effects in the manifestations of anxiety disorders. 3 weeks of spa treatments – i.e. 18 days of treatments – are necessary to fully feel the effects of the treatment on health.

What are the different types of care?

Founded in 1860, the Saujon thermal baths are now associated with a psychiatric clinic. They offer a wellness Center as well as'a stress spa school. Within its walls, the establishment has 17 bathrooms, 4 shower rooms, 7 massage rooms and also a thermal pool where, depending on the needs and the pathologies diagnosed, treatments aimed at achieving drug withdrawal are provided. anxiolytics: balneotherapy (whirlpool bath, pool bath, thermal shower), underwater massage et medical monitoring

How to go to a spa treatment?

The methods applied to Saujon thermal baths are validated and paid for by Health Insurance as part of approved cures, prescribed by doctors. Free cures, not reimbursed, are also possible. All you have to do is book your stay with the establishment. The thermal baths of Saujon are open all year. Ideally located in the city center, they are easily accessible from, in particular, the railway station on the line that serves Royan.

How to get here

Firm. Opens at 08:30 p.m.
Chalet Park BP 30
17600 Saujon
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Benefits and virtues of Saujon thermal water

Drawn from 200 meters deep, thethermal water of the source of the Chalets, makes the wealth and the reputation of Saujon. Typical of the Aquitaine basin, the character trace metal of this “natural fluid” composed of many minerals – sodium, calcium, magnesium (positively charged ions) and bicarbonate, chloride, silica (negatively charged ions) – gives it virtues in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depressive states and insomnia.

These elements, electrically charged, have in particular the ability to regulate the transmission of nerve impulses. They allow to tone the body and skin in the baths (in particular thanks to sodium chloride), and to facilitate the muscle relaxation (a recognized property of magnesium).

History of spa treatments

All of these therapeutic benefits were thus rationalized at the time of the Second Empire by a general practitioner from Saujon, Louis Dubois. This practitioner sets up the first cures in a building on his Charente property, on the banks of the Seudre. Chance or coincidence, it is also the year when Napoleon III, surfing on the wave of hydrotherapy, legislated on the question.

Its decree of January 28, 1860 stipulates in particular that a medical opinion is not necessary to frequent this type of establishment. Regulatory flexibilities aimed at encouraging the opening of spa resorts and to create an environment conducive to their prosperity.

Saujon thermal baths

A green setting

The thermal center benefits from a 50 ha wooded park

In Saujon, the baths and showers installed by Dr Dubois are structured and multiplied after the discovery of the source of the Puits Doux. His son Stanislas takes over and builds a spa center of neo-classical architecture. He surrounds it with a ha park of 50. The site is then defined as a hydromineral station. To meet an ever-increasing demand for stays, it houses its residents in chalets. in full sea ​​bathing fashion, spa guests treat themselves to getaways, rallying the Royan beaches by train.

At the beginning of the 40th century, after 1860 years of activity, the reputation of the spa center was already well established. As evidenced by the text of an advertising poster “Saujon, thermal spa for nervous relaxation since XNUMX”.

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