A multi-faceted territory, Destination Royan Atlantique harbors a rich natural and cultural heritage. Full of contrasts, it has remarkable assets: picturesque ports, towns and villages of character, unspoiled nature between sea and countryside, tasty products... Each step is an opportunity to (re)discover a unique place and history. thanks to our guided and commented tours.

Explore the destination with the Passeurs d'histoire

From April to October, the History runners take you on a discovery of Destination Royan Atlantique. Fine connoisseurs of the territory, they are therefore keen to share history, culture and the art of living by the sea. Every season, so more than 30 guided tours and walks are offered on more than 400 dates. Of Tremblade in Mortagne-sur-Gironde via the remarkable architecture of Royan and also the coastal path of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, the destination will have no more secrets for you.

On foot, by bike or in costume, the Passeurs d'histoire will take you to unmissable places as well as off the beaten track. The themes are varied and suitable for the whole family: "nature", fun or gourmet visits complete the cultural visits to towns and villages classified as Mornac-sur-Seudre or Talmont-sur-Gironde. In particular, we take the time to observe the fauna and flora that surround us, to meet local producers and to discover all the authenticity of the territory.

Who are the Storytellers?

The Storytellers are tour guides or travel advisors who know everything about the territory. Through these visits and walks, they pass on their passion, draw your attention to details that you had probably not noticed... As a bonus, they deliver historical anecdotes and reveal secret, less touristy corners to keep in mind. . More than just visits, these are real experiences to be lived punctuated by beautiful encounters.

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New arrivals summer 2023

New fun and participatory visits are added to the calendar in July and August:

  • Eclade mold workshop in Chaillevette
  • Gourmet bike ride in Ronce les Bains with new stops
  • Murder Party in St Palais sur Mer
  • Discovery of the Chapel of the Aviators in St Palais sur Mer
  • Guided tour of the Abbey of Sablonceaux

So rather unusual or essential? Whether you are staying or living in Destination Royan Atlantique, you will definitely learn something new!

Discover the territory differently with the Greeters

What is a Greeter?

Greeters are inhabitants of the territory who wish to share their attachment to their place of life and their passions. They offer free personalized walks through which exchange and conviviality are the key words. Their credo? Reveal their good addresses, their favorite places and immerse yourself in local life. Following in the footsteps of a Greeter is an unusual and unique moment. We rediscover well-known places from another angle, sometimes unexpected. A walk often gives rise to an enriching human encounter.


How it works ?

Of all ages and from all walks of life, greeters are not professional guides. They welcome up to 6 people maximum and undertake to respect a charter defined in collaboration with the Destination Royan Atlantique Tourist Office.

Does the experience tempt you?

Complete the registration form at least one week before the date of your stay. We will put you in touch with one of our Greeters and organize the time and place of your meeting.

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