Localisation Étaules

About ten kilometers from the beaches of La Palmyre and the town center of La Tremblade, Étaules is a small town on the banks of the Seudre. 

Contrasting countryside landscapes

Étaules is distinguished first and foremost by the diversity of its landscapes within a restricted area. To the south, the former Gulf of Barbareu has been shaped over time to make way for the sweet swamp, a vast wetland biodiversity reserve. In summer, it resembles large meadows, while in winter it can be completely flooded, making waders happy. Fields of cereals and vines and small groves are present on both sides of the village. On the road towards Breuillet, it is impossible to miss the production of “Asparagus de la Presqu'île”. To the north, the town extends to the ports of Orivol, Grandes Roches and Brégauds, on the Seudre estuary. You are then at the heart of the salt marsh.

The Orivol Channel

Between the port of La Grève in Duret (in the town of Arvert) and the Port of Grandes Roches, Orivol channel surprises with its curves. Seen from the sky, it is one of the most recognizable channels of the Seudre! At its end, the Orivol oyster port unfolds. To get there, we take small roads that wind between channels and clear, these famous oyster basins where we cultivate Marennes-Oléron oysters. Moreover, colorful cabins punctuate the path.

thierry avan

Orivol Oyster Port

You can also see the pontoons used to moor the flats, these typical flat-bottomed boats for transporting oysters.

It must be said that today, Étaules has more than twenty oyster establishments!

An environment conducive to outdoor activities

Étaules offers, to those who love the sport in nature, a varied playground. The cycle route of Paths of the Seudre allows, for example, to crisscross the middle of the marshes to discover the various oyster ports of the Destination Royan Atlantique. Want to taste oysters on the famous port of La Grève in La Tremblade? Or rather stroll through the narrow streets of Mornac-sur-Seudre “Most Beautiful Village in France®”? You have the choice.

For a more sporty practice, follow the mountain bike circuit n°3 through fields and forest. Every year on July 14 and August 15, the Oyster hike resumes part of its route to introduce mountain bikers and walkers to the different facets of the surrounding landscape. Finally, a Orienteering course permanent has been set up for a fun activity in the leisure park.  

The Venetian carnival, an atypical event At Étaules

Once a year, a little air of Italy blows over the town of Étaules. It hosts the Venetian Carnival and its parades of traditional costumes, made and worn by around fifty enthusiasts. The beauty of the masks and outfits is admired by all!

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