Localisation L'Éguille-sur-Seudre

L'Éguille-sur-Seudre is the last oyster port, the most to the east, going up the Seudre before joining the port of Ribérou in Saujon. Coming from La Rochelle, you cross the small bridge of L'Éguille to enter the country of Royan.

The town probably owes its name to its slender shape of a peninsula. On the road between Rochefort and Royan, you cannot miss theoyster identity of the village: its roundabout is decorated with two massive hands opening an oyster.

The oyster port of Éguille-sur-Seudre

Dug from the stream of the Brande, the port channel stretches over 200 m. On each side, the oyster huts (whether traditional or in the form of establishments) dot the two quays. The hunting lock opens onto a small basin serving as a reservoir. The removable pontoon and the wooden pontoon welcome boats coming to dock, whether fishing or pleasure.

All around, the marshes, which were once used for salt production, refine the oysters as they do throughout the Marennes-Oléron basin. Port life follows the rhythm of the tides. Only pétanque players ignore the attraction of the stars and are always ready to tease the jack. Sitting on a bench, you breathe the sea air. You are there for an iodized break.

L'Éguille, a small port of character, is a place of rest, stroll and discovery. It is good to take your time, there is no rush.

During your walk, panels tell you the history of the village: the presence of the tax collectors, the chain ferry, the construction of the swing bridge... If you take the sea, the stand-up paddle allows you to gain height to guess the interior of the marshes.

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The port comes alive with its typical restaurant huts offering seafood platters ou splinters of mussels. The pine needles blaze in front of the cabins.

The simplest shows are often the most user-friendly. The quays of the port are also places of demonstrations for the flea markets or sea ​​festivals. As a high point, at the end of the summer: the Ascent of the Seudre, one of the highlights of the Destination Royan Atlantique, invites non-motorized boats to go on a nautical hike from La Grève to La Tremblade or from Cayenne to Marennes to arrive at the port of Éguille. Imagine all those sails entering the harbour!

From town to marsh

The small alleys annexed to the port lead to the town. A small porch gives access to the courtyard of the old castle. We cross it in the shade of the lime tree to arrive in front of the church. A locust-false-acacia towers over the square, which you leave via an alley as charming as it is discreet, very close to the old presbytery. We take the Grand Rue to pass in front of the imposing curved pediment of the old post office and arrive in front of the large rebus on the wall of the school. The answer ? Search carefully...

The Point at L'Eguille-sur-Seudre

Le Detours® trail takes you for 6 km to discover the marshes following the markings. It's the step aside for a total change of scenery. Destination The Pointe : a feeling of being at the end of the world at the confluence of the Seudre and the Liman channel. The network of canals feeds the Éguillais marsh. You are in the middle of an ecosystem where waders such as herons and little egrets live. It is also a migration site for swans, storks and wild geese.

La bicycle ride, The star of Saujon – The Pointe de L'Éguille takes you along the Seudre to Corme-Écluse (bicycles are available for hire at the tourist office from April to September).

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