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Meschers-sur-Gironde, near Royan, on the Gironde estuary, has the southernmost beaches in Royan. Formerly a small fishing village, the town experienced a boom at the time of the sea ​​bathing fashion. It turns into a seaside resort. A veritable balcony over the estuary, Meschers-sur-Gironde owes its fame to its troglodyte habitats.

Between beaches and cliffs, we appreciate the town for its relaxed lifestyle and its natural resources.

Meschers-sur-Gironde, five beaches for one resort

Near Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, people first come to Meschers-sur-Gironde for its fine sandy coast. From the large family beach to the small secret cove, Meschers offers five beaches surrounded by cliffs.

The rods

Large sandy beach, the Vergnes beach is the scene of the fireworks of July. Particularity of the places, one can observe " the crown ", this rock surrounded by the sea at high tide. It delights holidaymakers at low tide! Indeed, you can climb it by natural steps carved into the rock. This piece of cliff several meters high allows you to contemplate the entire extent of the estuary. It will therefore be necessary to exercise the greatest caution.

the rock of the crown at the vergnes beach in Meschers-sur-Gironde

The Nuns

This is THE Meschers beach. Active and a stone's throw from the town centre, Nonnes beach is the perfect family beach. Far from its initial vocation, a place of prayer at sunset, there is today a beach club for children. Parents can take the opportunity to have a drink with their feet in the water at Bikki Beach, one of the beach bars.

thierry avan
Suzac beach in Meschers-sur-Gironde


Below the Pointe de Suzac, the Suzac beach is the northernmost seaside resort in the town of Meschers-sur-Gironde. In the heart of the forest of the same name, and near the Estuary Park in the town of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, this beach is surrounded by oaks, these holm oaks which give it a very natural character. Another particularity of this beach, it is possible to eat on the terrace at Suzac Beach Cove.

la conche de cadet, the smallest beach in meschers-sur-gironde

From above, we finally enjoy an exceptional view of the Michelaise coast. La conche de Cadet owes its name to the legendary wrecker who is said to have occupied the troglodyte dwellings. His goat Belin also accompanies him. Together, they cause the sinking of ships passing off the shore in order to loot the boats.

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Squares on the small conch of Cadet


Located between Vergnes beach and Suzac beach, the Arnèche beach is only accessible by the coastal path. Cliffs surround this natural cove-shaped beach. It is conducive to calm, far from the crowded atmosphere of the family beaches on the coast. This beach is not supervised in summer.

Meschers-sur-Gironde and its cave dwellings

Among the sites to visit in Charente-Maritime, there are in particular the Meschers caves which overlook the Gironde estuary. Originally natural, it is the hand of man that has enlarged these natural cavities over the years. Today, the public can benefit from visits to two visit sites.

the troglodyte caves of Regulus in Meschers-sur-Gironde

The municipal troglodyte site of Meschers, the Regulus Caves, owes its name to the famous French ship. Under Napoleon, he was chased by the English. Then it was scuttled offshore in 1814. Discover an exceptional setting in the limestone cliffs. The man has made his nest in one of the most unusual landscapes of the Saintonge coast. Take advantage of a 45-minute visit to learn a little more about the geology of the place, the Gironde estuary, fishing in the estuary, the restaurant des Fontaines, the squares, the legend of Cadet, the Wars of Religion…

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On two floors on the side of the cliff, the Matata Caves consist of an eco-museum, a six-bedroom hotel with a view of the Gironde estuary and a creperie.

The visit reveals the reconstruction of a typical Saintonge habitat of the XNUMXth century. An interior staircase gives access to a lower cavity, that known as the “Lovers”. Let yourself be surprised by the wild character of the place. Half-open the secret door dug into the rock wall... It is here that according to legend, Charlotte de La Trémoille, Princess of Condé, came to hide her unfaithful love with her young page, Permilhac de Belcastel...

We set off to discover a hidden corner, that of the cliffs where Man has extracted blocks of limestone rock forming quarries. This broad rocky strip is accessible by stairs which takes you to the foot of the cliff. An essential place to enjoy the squares and contemplate the Sainte-Radegonde church in Talmont-sur-Gironde in the distance. A secret place unique on the Côte de Beauté.

Ideas for activities to do with family or friends

Place of walk, the port also opens onto a path leading to the bay. It leads to the squares of Port Maran at Arces sur Gironde. On foot or by bike, take this part of the 2 Seas Canal®. Depending on the tides, it is also possible to embark from the port to discover this side of the estuary. From the sea, you are guaranteed a unique view of the troglodyte habitats.

For a successful end to the day or in bad weather, take advantage with family or friends of the only indoor leisure area in the Pays Royannais: the Family Fun Park. It's sure you're not ready to get bored in Meschers-sur-Gironde!

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