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Renowned for its thermal baths, Saujon is a town full of charm that lives to the rhythm of the water in the heart of the La Seudre basin. Near the sea and crossroads of Destination Royan Atlantique, it inspires the calm and tranquility of the Saintonge countryside.

Saujon, Val de Seudre tourist resort

Saujon is here second most populous city of the Royan Atlantique conurbation. It enjoys a privileged position on the borders of the Seudre estuary. Located about twenty minutes by car from Royan and Saintes. Its natural assets have favored its development. The port of Ribérou has become a very attractive river site for pleasure boating. The marshes of La Lande offer residents a veritable green setting just a stone's throw from the town centre. 

To discover Saujon, stroll through the neighborhoods of the Church and the Cross. They are articulated on both sides of the Seudre around a large street flanked by bourgeois buildings: the rue Carnot. With its many shops, boutiques and restaurants, it is the living heart of the city. Each 2e Monday of the month, the town center comes alive around its big monthly fair. You can find everything there: from local and artisanal products to books and clothes. Whether Saint John the Baptist Church does not present any architectural specificity, do not fail to enter to admire four capitals from the former priory of Saujon. His Saintonge Romanesque sculptures are real treasures.

Saujon Castle
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Did you know ?

Another notable building, the Saujon Castle. The pavilion which today houses the municipal associations dates from the XNUMXth century and was built by the bishopric of La Rochelle to establish a religious school there. Nothing remains of the castle built by Cardinal Richelieu on the former medieval fortress of Baron de Campet. In the XNUMXth century, Richelieu undertook the creation of a canal between the Seudre estuary and that of the Gironde. A project that will never see the light of day.

Beyond the town, the commune of Saujon includes several hamlets. They extend over the surrounding countryside, made up of agricultural land, meadows and woods. Cereals such as wheat, corn and sunflowers are grown there as well as vines for the production of Cognac, Pineau and Charente wines.

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The Saintonge countryside

An invitation to calm and tranquility.

The port of Ribérou: from the soft Seudre to the maritime Seudre

In Saujon, the lock of Port of Ribérou marks the end of fresh water and the beginning of salt water. The latter are subject to the influence of the tides. Between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, the port of Ribérou was an important crossroads for trade, particularly salt, wine and sardines. It thus contributes to the prosperity of the city. Today is a fishing and leisure port and starting point for exploring the Seudre. 

On the estuary side, we like to stroll along the quays. On the left bank of the Seudre, a walking path runs along the Seudre and its reedbeds and leads you to the hamlet of Breuil. Marshes and lakes have replaced the salt marshes of yesteryear.

Take a few moments to admire the squares of Breuil, these famous fishing huts on stilts.

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Squares of Breuil

In the setting sun, the lights are shimmering and highlight all the beauty of the landscape. One of best spots to observe plaices.

By bike, continue to the oyster-farming village of L'Éguille-sur-Seudre or follow Les Chemins de la Seudre on the right bank. On the fresh water side, we take the alley of the Trimmed Green for a shady stroll along the water's edge. And for an even more immersive parenthesis, let yourself be tempted by the canoeing on the Seudre ! A gentle activity that allows you to be closer to nature to discover the biodiversity of the river. From Corme-Lock, you sail for nearly 8 km through the Charente countryside to Saujon.

Saujon spa resort

Saujon is a renowned spa resort. Since the creation of the first thermal site by the Dr. Louis Dubois in 1860, the activity continued to develop. The discovery of the source of the Puits Doux by his son in 1880 gave impetus to the establishment. Drawn from a depth of 200 meters, the water from this source presents beneficial virtues promoting nervous relaxation. 

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the spa center built, in a wooded park, chalets as well as a small hotel to accommodate curists. People come there as a family to also enjoy sea bathing thanks to the railway linking Saujon to Royan. The hotel was then transformed into a psychiatric care clinic. Finally, to meet the increase in demand, new residences are built. Originally a hydrotherapy and electrotherapy center, the Saujon thermal baths are a reference in the field of mental health.

Saujon thermal baths

Today the balneotherapy treatments have diversified and are accompanied by medical monitoring. You can come to Saujon in free or agreed treatment to treat anxiety, sleep disorder, burn-out or fibromyalgia.

A stress spa school completes the offer. A wide selection of rentals for spa guests around Saujon lets enjoy your next spa stay.

For a moment of rest and relaxation, go to Philae fitness center and spa, open to everyone. You will benefit from the therapeutic benefits of thermal water and aromatherapy and will only come out refreshed!

Sports and leisure activities for all

There is no season for walking in the heart of the Val de Seudre! Athletes or nature lovers, take pleasure in crisscrossing the marked routes winding between vineyards, valleys, marshes and forests. The color palette changes according to the landscapes. Besides the bike rides, 4 Detours® trails and several Walks and Hikes accessible to all (less than 8 km) allow you to appreciate the diversity of the natural heritage of Saujon.

From the port of Ribérou, towpaths, the "carved", allow you to reach theAir from La Lande. A wide choice of activities awaits you: swimming pool, tennis, petanque, fishing or, water ski lift on Lake Saujon. As a family, board the Seagull Train from Saujon. It runs on a railway line formerly dedicated to the transport of oysters along the Seudre. Direction La Tremblade for a tasting of Marennes-Oléron oysters in the port of La Grève. Unless you prefer to stop over to visit Mornac-sur-Seudre, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France®”.

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