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Vaux-sur-Mer is on the Côte de Beauté, facing the Atlantic Ocean. The seaside resort on a human scale presents a privileged living environment. We love Vaux-sur-Mer for its calm and serenity. Here, everything is on a human scale. You can walk or cycle thanks to the cycle paths and the Vélodyssée®. Seaside resort with a village spirit, it offers its inhabitants and its visitors on vacation, moments of walk on its coastal path as well as in its town centre.

Your 4 conches, typical of Charente Maritime, link Pontaillac beach in Royan and Bureau beach in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer. In its heart, theSaint-Etienne Romanesque church dominates the park and its lake, a veritable green lung of the town less than 1 km from the beach of Nauzan.

A town center with a rich built and natural heritage

Au Vaux-sur-Mer market, we go around the stalls under the halls adjoining the Protestant temple. The latter is both a place of worship and an exhibition. It also presents one of the first neo-classical facades with a triangular pediment in the Royan area. Nearby, the old wash house recalls the rural life that the town once knew. A few steps away, the fountain of the Abbey is at the confluence of two discreet, even secret paths.

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the Romanesque church of Saint-Etienne in Vaux-sur-Mer

One climbs first to reach St. Stephen's Church whose nave has now disappeared. The arcade of its apse like the carved decoration of the corbels and its historiated capitals deserve your attention. Last vestige of a Benedictine abbey founded in 1075 by two knights of the house of Mortagne, it has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1913. Its old cemetery, like many in Saintonge, still houses old cenotaphs.

The other follows the path of the crayfish to reach le town hall park lake. Fishermen take advantage of this body of water throughout the year to catch carp, roach or perch... While giving a hand to the big ones, the little ones can have fun watching ducks and water hens . From the lake, we guess, higher up, a square tower, which invites to continue the walk in the park.

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The lake in the park of Vaux-sur-Mer

in the park of Vaux: the town hall and the open-air theater

The walk then continues uphill towards the town hall of Vaux-sur-Mer. It is housed in a 1871th century mansion, near the church. This building was also the property of Frédéric Garnier, former mayor of Royan between 1905 and XNUMX. He also gave his name to the boulevard of the seaside capital, along the Grande Conche. His bust faces the town hall. The age-old lime tree separates them.

In front of the town hall stands a Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest tree species in the world that survived the Hiroshima bomb. Its golden leaves falling in autumn have earned it the name "tree of forty crowns".

Finally, behind the town hall, the Greenery Theater welcomes the visitor for a moment of rest and tranquility. You may come across the Font de l'Abeille? It is a small stone construction well hidden among the trees and of uncertain use. Probably the retting of the hemp… Or rather the cleaning of the laundry by the washerwomen…

The green theater in the park of Vaux-sur-Mer

Nauzan, a fine sandy beach that is both natural and urban

Close to the park, the Nauzan beach is the largest of the 4 conches of Vaux-sur-Mer. It is also shared with the neighboring town, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer. On both sides of the conch, the rocks protect the beach. This privilege makes it a place intended for the family. The esplanade allows you to gain height. It's up to everyone to choose their restaurant for a meal break or a gourmet break. Look at the horizon: yes, it is the silhouette of the famous Cordouan lighthouse guess what! THE nautical center of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer allows you to experience the seaside in all its sporting dimension. Practice windsurfing, optimist, catamaran, stand-up paddle… And even rescue course. We do not forget to land on his towel.

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Nauzan Beach

The panorama combines both natural and urban landscapes. To the north, the villas of Saint-Palais and to the south, the call of nature...

Le Customs Trail meanders along the 4 conches of Vaux-sur-Mer. The Bois des Fées hides the path. The walkers advance protected by the holm oaks with quirky shapes. Halfway through the woods, the little council conch then appears as a reward. The beach may be urban, but it's the wind in the trees that you hear here. At the end of the wood, we reach the twin and neighboring conches of Saint-Sordelin and Gilet.

Activities in Vaux-sur-Mer day and night

Between the lake and the beach of Nauzan, the sports park allows you to spend without counting. The practice of activities is as sporty as it is fun and is aimed at the whole family. You can choose from: basketball court, body-building equipment, ping-pong table, velo-cross court. Also thechildren's play area with games on springs, slides, swings, climbing frame...

The Vaux-sur-Mer sports park

Personalized sporting events are mainly organized there like the 12 km of Vaux or the Basket Ball and Sun in 3×3. The multi-sports room is equipped to accommodate different sports. Here are held basketball and handball matches, table tennis and weight training. Around the hall, the complex of tennis courts, the bowling alley and, a little further, the football stadium, complete the sports offer of the town.

At night, Vaux comes alive. Concerts and night markets take place on the Nauzan esplanade. Near the Fairy Woods, the White House, a famous place for nightlife in the Royan region, turns on its turntables. You will shine on his dancefloor! The Théâtre de Verdure in the park becomes a magical place to enjoy events such as the current music festival " Festivals ".

And if we met in the bars of the city center and the Val Lumière pole for moments shared over a drink or in front of sporting events on the big screen?

Stay in Vaux-sur-Mer

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