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At the mouth of the Seudre, on the Arvert peninsula, La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains surprises with its natural wealth and diversity. Open to the Marennes basin, La Tremblade is distinguished by its typical oyster port. Facing the island of Oléron, the seaside resort of Ronce-les-Bains marks the start of the Côte Sauvage. 

La Tremblade, an authentic village focused on oyster farming

Gateway to the north of Destination Royan Atlantique, La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains is first and foremost a village of character. And it does not leave indifferent! On the left bank of the Seudre estuary, maritime activities have developed the town. First, the exploitation of salt marshes. Second fishing. And thirdly oyster farming. As soon as you arrive, you quickly fall under the spell of the oyster port of La Grève and its colorful cabins. The oyster farmers there carry out nearly a quarter of the marketing of Marennes-Oléron oysters in Charente Maritime. Along the channel, stop to taste oysters accompanied by a glass of Charentais wine. Also taste theburst of mussels, a local specialty.

The Atelier channel continues today to the town centre. A wet basin with nearly 115 places is now fitted out there. A real marina in the city ! On Saturday morning, the stalls of La Tremblade market settled in the square next to the port. They also invest the streets to the church. Along the way, you will notice beautiful period residences, to be discovered by taking the Detours® path. Under the XNUMXth century halls, seafood products are in the spotlight. Treat yourself to shellfish and fresh fish direct from the producer. 

Ronce-les-Bains, a family seaside resort

In the XNUMXth century, the sea ​​bathing fashion sees the birth of the seaside resort. In 1972, the creation of the Seudre bridge facilitated access. With its Belle Epoque villas strewn by the sea or under the pines, Ronce-les-Bains promises you a peaceful holiday. A Detours® trail allows you to discover these historic villas, sometimes well hidden. Basque, Anglo-Norman, Gothic or Art Nouveau-inspired, each has its own style!

Here, we live to the rhythm of the tides. The pertuis de Maumusson separates the beaches of Ronce-les-Bains from the island of Oléron.

Cepe Beach, at high tide, swimming is ideal with young children. There is very little depth and the water is then warmer. You can also learn to sail at Charline Picon nautical center Or make a paddle ride. When there is little wind, we sail on a sea of ​​oil, like on a lake! When the sea recedes, it gives way to a vast expanse of beach. It's perfect for making sandcastles and also playing Mölkky.

This is also the time to take the opportunity to take a walk. Join le Mus of Wolf and its dry port under the Seudre bridge. Along the beach, you will then see the mooring area of ​​the Herbal Point with its buoys and boats. 

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The herb tip

View from the Mus de Loup.
In the background the island of Oléron.

With its shops, bars and restaurants, Ronce is a lively resort. From April to September, Place Brochard is the nerve center with its fun fair. Young and old fill up with memories and give in to the call of a sweet treat: cotton candy, candy apple, donut...

En été, concerts, shows and night markets punctuate your evenings. Unless you prefer to try your luck at casino ?

The Wild Coast and
the Coubre forest

25 km of beaches, 8000 ha of forest: nature in all its splendour.

Facing the Atlantic: the wild coast

La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains is renowned for its Wild side, huge fine sand beach with ocean as far as the eye can see. This preserved natural space is a real end of the world facing the Atlantic. It stretches over 20km long from Ronce-les-Bains in the north to La Palmyre in the south.

To get there, you take sandy forest paths and cross the dunes. Equip yourself with the right shoes and above all, don't forget anything: parasol, bottle of water, snacks and games for the children...

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The Wild Coast Beach

Even in summer, you will inevitably find space to put your towel!

On the beaches of La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains, the waves are there and swimming is invigorating. To take a dip, choose a supervised area and be careful. The baïnes, these natural basins creating important currents, can therefore be dangerous. The Côte Sauvage offers ski enthusiasts privileged spots. For example : surfing at Pointe Espagnole, bodyboarding on Bouverie beach, kitesurfing at Galon d'Or beach… What to do then, full of sensations!

For a moment of peace, follow the fishermen's path from the Galon d'or cove. A different landscape unfolds, punctuated by marshes to the delight of egrets and barnacle geese. Offshore, wooden stakes bear witness to the work of the oyster farmers.

Between oaks and pines, the Coubre forest

The Côte Sauvage joins the Coubre forest, the true green lung of our territory. The forest massif is composed mainly of maritime pines and holm oaks. It extends over nearly 8000 ha and is home to remarkable flora and fauna. An exceptional site for nature lovers. There Gardour tower is a former watchtower for forest fires. It was also a landmark for navigators. It therefore represents the highest point of the forest (64 m). 

Many walking, riding and cycling routes were created to discover this fragile environment. After the iodized air of the sea, the smell of pines also invades you. The Vélodyssée®, paved cycle path, offers magnificent bike rides. It crosses the pine forest and along the Atlantic coast. It allows easy access to the various beaches of the Côte Sauvage without taking the car. 

La Coubre lighthouse in La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains

In the distance, a red and white sentinel rises above the forest: it is the Coubre lighthouse. To reach its summit, you have to climb 300 steps. Enjoy a 360° panorama of the forest massif, the Côte Sauvage and the bay of Bonne Anse. From the top of its 64 m, the view is breathtaking and you feel very small.

The highlight of
your adventures

La Tremblade Ronce-les-Bains is the haunt of athletes. In the Coubre forest, trail runners and mountain bikers meet regularly on Sunday mornings. THE surfcasting anglers meet at Spanish Point. 

It is also the starting point for new discoveries! Opt for a cruise to the island of Aix and Fort Boyard, an emblematic place in France, of a mini cruise in ferryboats. Or board the Seagull Train which will take you to Mornac-sur-Seudre through the marshes.

In summer, festive traditions abound. The festivals of the Sea, the Strike or the old riggings are all unmissable events. Tourists share with the locals, proud of their culture. On the program: parade of traditional boats, oyster opening competition, giant eclades and fireworks. 

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