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Facing the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by forests, Les Mathes-La Palmyre promises you holidays in the heart of unspoiled natural areas. Famous for its zoo, the seaside resort of La Palmyre has developed a few kilometers from the town center of Les Mathes. 

Les mathes-la Palmyre: a nature destination, between ocean and forest

With its 10 km of coastline, Les Mathes-La Palmyre offers a great variety of fine sandy beaches. Lined with maritime pines, a few steps from the city center, the Pins of Cordouan and La Palmyre beaches punctuate the life of the station. These beaches have progressive bottoms and are supervised in summer, so ideal for family swimming. Prepare the games for the children, something to read too and choose your favorite beach to enjoy the coolness of the water.

Bonne Anse beach in Les Mathes La Palmyre

Accessible on foot, by bike and by stroller, the Promenade of the Two Lighthouses takes you from one beach to another. By taking this dike, we have a breathtaking view of the ocean. Offshore, you can make out the Cordouan lighthouse, which sits at the mouth of the Gironde estuary. On the other side, a red and white lighthouse dominates Bonne Anse Bay. It is the Coubre lighthouse which marks the beginning of the Wild Coast, a vast expanse of 20 km in length. As its name suggests, its beaches have remained pristine and the waves are powerful. Facing directly on the Atlantic, Les Mathes-La Palmyre is also a paradise for board sports enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and swimming is immediately more invigorating! 

Nestled in the 8 hectares of La Coubre forest massif, the resort invites you to stroll and have fun in the shade of the pines. Forest paths and cycle paths offer moments of change of scenery in the middle of nature.

Bonne Anse Bay,
station emblem

The bay of Bonne Anse is formed by a long strip of sand which stretches from the Coubre lighthouse and tends to close on the port of La Palmyre. It is in perpetual motion and changes its face according to the wind and the currents. Don't miss the panorama from the Coubre lighthouse when the tide goes out.

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Sky View

We discover the graphic figures drawn by the sand in the bay.

Today, the Bonne Anse Bay is a protected area, classified Natura 2000 zone. This place, privileged for walkers who love wide open spaces and nature, is home to a rich flora and fauna. THE Migrator birds, transiting along the Atlantic from the Far North towards Africa, come to take refuge there. They find, in the wetland and mudflat of Bonne Anse, food and rest. You can observe the Red Knot, the Brent Goose or the Kentish Plover.

In the bay, several oyster farmers still carry out spat collection (the "baby" oysters) on collectors, in a natural way. This is one of the last areas in France where the reproduction of the oyster is done in this way (Charente-Maritime and the Arcachon basin are the only places). 

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Bonne Anse Bay Trail

From the Requin car park (located a little after the Siblu Bonne Anse Plage campsite), follow the path that runs inside the bay towards the lighthouse. The landscape changes with the tide. When it is low, trickles of water can be seen in the furrows dug in the sand, signs of constant humidity. Shortly after the Coubre lighthouse, two atmospheres clash: the tranquility of Bonne Anse on the one hand and the roar of the ocean waves on the other. The bravest will continue until the tip of the Rhine, end of the sand bank. Here, an impression of the end of the world invades you.

the nautical base of les mathes-la palmyre

At high tide, the bay of Bonne Anse becomes a mecca for the practice of nautical activities. Protected from the Atlantic swell thanks to its huge sandbank, the spot is ideal for learning to Sheer and one of the most renowned in the region for the kite surfing.

La La Palmyre Nautical Base offers courses in windsurfing, catamaran or optimist for the little ones, outings in stand-up paddle or discovery sessions in wing foil (new trendy water sport in which you surf on a board with a foil to using an inflatable wing). Whatever your level and your desires, you will necessarily find the activity that suits you. So, ready to test new sliding sensations in complete safety? 

Sails of the nautical base of Mathes-La Palmyre

Family vacations
by bike

Les Mathes-La Palmyre is also a popular resort for vacationers wishing to leave the car behind during their stay and favor soft modes of transport such as cycling. Here, nothing could be simpler. The cycle network takes you from the city center of Les Mathes to the seaside resort, from the campsites to the beaches and the Zoo of La Palmyre. THE cycle paths are secure because they are separated from the road. They allow you to save precious time when traveling in high season, especially to get to the famous La Palmyre market

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On the Vélodyssée

After the invigorating air of the seaside, go cycling towards the forest.

Borrow the Vélodyssée® and its 35 km of paved cycle paths, built on the former Water and Forests tramway, from La Tremblade to Saint-Palais-sur-Mer. A surf session at the Wild Coast? Swimming at Grande Côte beach in Saint-Palais? It's up to you.

With family or friends, this wide track presents no difficulty. The children are on a tricycle, making their first attempts without the small wheels while the youngest are well seated in the trailers. Nothing like a bicycle ride to let go.

A large choice of activities and outings for everyone

Impossible to wonder what to do in Les Mathes-La Palmyre ! It is a dynamic station. The activities offered are numerous. In a green setting, we do a horse riding, we play golf, then we try tree climbing... After the unmissable visit of the La Palmyre Zoo, we discover the world of horse racing at the Hippodrome

In the evening, comes the time to stroll through the shops and on the La Palmyre night market then have a drink on the terrace. Take a walk on the Haven, to the sublime point, a perfect site to admire the sunset. To live moments rich in emotions, head to the Luna Park and its many attractions!

The marina of Les Mathes-La Palmyre

La Palmyre is also the scene of major cultural events. Pyrotechnics "At the Crossroads of Lighthouses" takes place on the seafront, between the port and Club Med, in early August. Music, poetry, sounds, lights and fireworks punctuate this grandiose spectacle. In early September, the new rock and electro music festival, the Palm Fest, makes the station vibrate, mainly attracting young people from all walks of life. Note also the fabulous equestrian shows at Zagal Cabaret throughout the year.

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