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Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, on the Atlantic coast, just 4 km from Royan, is a family seaside resort renowned for its fine sandy beaches, squares, Belle Époque villas and wide open spaces.

Saint-Palais-sur-Mer or the sweetness of life

Since the sea ​​bathing fashion, Saint-Palais-sur-Mer is defined as a very popular holiday resort. Enjoy family and lively holidays. Saint-Palais offers both a rejuvenating environment and a wide choice of activities. 

The Sentier des Douaniers with its squares and the Terre-Nègre lighthouse

To take the pulse of the city, you have to stop and stroll through the city center. Then discover its small shops, its daily market with local flavors. You can also have an ice cream and a drink on the terrace of a bar or a restaurant with a sea view. 

The seaside neighborhoods offer a great architectural diversity. We also like to get lost in the districts of Vieux Clocher, Terre-Nègre, Platin and around the Conche du Bureau. Different styles of construction coexist. We also discover Anglo-Saxon inspired cottages, castel type villas, Basque chalets or even other “regionalist” villas. Some also have magnificent belvederes on the corniche. 

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The city remains marked by the Belle Époque with its many villas from the 1900s-1920s.

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the seaside resort is characterized by its preserved natural spaces. There Combots d'Ansoine forest stretches to the Seudre marshes and marks the border with La Palmyre and Saint-Augustin. This wooded area is rooted on a 3,5 km dune cord which opens onto the Grande Côte beach. When the heat is felt, take a breath of fresh air in the shade of maritime pines and holm oaks. The coastline of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer alternates between rocky ledges, beaches and coves. Finally, the Customs Trail, a landscaped walking path, connects everything.

Each beach has its own atmosphere

Large expanse of sand, natural cove surrounded by rocks or city beach, you are bound to find your little corner of paradise! The beaches of Saint-Palais-sur-Mer are also ideal for the whole family. They are practiced as well as places for walks, games, swimming or idleness. Or we simply contemplate the tides and the passage of boats.

Facing the Atlantic, the great coast

Grande Côte beach and its bunkers in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

Bordered by dunes and forest, la Grande Côte beach extends over 2,5 km of fine sand. Its singularity is certainly due to the presence of blockhouse dating from World War II. Its size allows the practice of yachting and surfcasting anglers love him. On the esplanade overlooking the beach, there are mainly bars, restaurants, carousel for children and entertainment in summer. Then, the seaside area continues to La Palmyre with the Combots naturist beach.

The chair seen from the Grande Côte beach
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Did you know?

Offshore, we can see a " white chair that emerges. It is a metallic dolphin, a bitter for sailors. Aligned with the La Palmyre radar tower and a luminous buoy, this beacon indicates the entrance to the Gironde estuary. It also serves as a weather station.

platinum beach

Do not miss la platinum beach, long cove of sand, calm and withdrawn in the middle of a residential area. It thus offers a unique panorama of the squares, the legendary rocks and le Terre-Nègre lighthouse.

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Platinum Beach

For swimming, you have to be careful because there are many rocks.

The office conch

Finally, in the heart of the resort, put your towel on la office beach. Bordered essentially by its Belle Epoque villas, this cove of fine sand is the meeting point for regulars. We meet there to enjoy a warm atmosphere, both with its lively terraces and its beach clubs for children.

The villas on Bureau beach in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer

Nauzan Beach – Saint-Palais-sur-Mer side

Shared with the municipality of Vaux-sur-Mer, la Nauzan beach is the spot for lovers of nautical activities. THE nautical center of Saint-Palais first of all offers sailing initiations and courses suitable for all levels. You can rent kayaks and stand-up paddles to discover the rocky coast from the sea. Nauzan beach is also used for the first surf lessons. This large natural cove with its rocks and umbrella pines is also pleasant for a dip.

Finally, the conche du Concié is confidential. Out of sight, this small rocky cove is flanked by squares on stilts. It is mainly popular with fishermen, swimming there is quite dangerous.

Take a walk on the customs trail

Unavoidable passage, le Customs Trail is a pedestrian path laid out along the coast. From the beginning of the XNUMXth century, this coastal path was used by customs officers responsible for monitoring the coast against smuggling. Today the old Customs House has been rehabilitated and transformed into a space dedicated to arts and culture.

We walk along a succession of coves, steep cliffs and rocky ledges that give rise to legends... Le Well of the Auture (near Concié) and le Devil's Bridge (Platin beach) are sculpted and shaped by the waves over time. On the horizon, we observe the Cordouan Lighthouse, majestic "King of Lighthouses".

Take a detour to admire the Airmen's Chapel, near the Terre-Nègre lighthouse.

Saint-Palais-sur-Mer: A concentration of activities

La Vélodyssée® crosses Saint-Palais-sur-Mer. This cycle path connects the city center to the Grande Côte beach. It continues in the forests of Combots and Coubre. It passes by tourist sites such as the Zoo of La Palmyre or the seafront of Royan. Another track also leads to the center of Saint-Augustin through the forest.

In addition to sand yachting and surfcasting, the Grande Côte is a vast play area. Horse-riding enthusiasts go on long gallop rides on the beach or with their hooves in the water. It is also the starting point for a marked hiking route “Between ocean and forest”.
Nearby, the Royan Horse Club, a renowned and welcoming equestrian center Jumping of Royan. THE Royan Golf offers unique experiences in a green setting among the pines.

In the city center, the Raymond Vignes Park extends over 16 hectares and has leisure facilities for young and old. We take advantage of this place for shaded walks, picnics and improvised naps around the lake.

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On the cultural side, discover the exhibitions in an atypical place: the Old Bell Tower. From June to September, this XNUMXth century Romanesque building that served as a landmark for sailors is transformed into a center of contemporary art. At the top, a breathtaking view of the resort and the Gironde estuary awaits you.

At the end of the day, enjoy the evenings in Saint-Palais: night markets, atmospheric bars and nightclubs the ranch, promise you unforgettable moments. In summer, the resort lives to the rhythm of concerts, fireworks and children's entertainment.

St. Palace Parade, the festival of progressive rock Crescendo and the festival World Music and Gastronomy are the highlights of the season.

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