Localisation Arces-sur-Gironde

The town of Arces-sur-Gironde consists of a rural town surrounded by large estates. Its landscapes mix Saintonge countryside and marshes on the banks of the estuary. You are less than 10 minutes from the beaches of Meschers-sur-Gironde. On the hillsides of the estuary road, Arces is halfway between Cozes and the “Most Beautiful Village in France®” Talmont-sur-Gironde, whose bell tower can be admired from the heights.

The Saint-Martin church, in the heart of Arces

THERomanesque church of Saint-Martin is built on a limestone rocky promontory. Its octagonal bell tower can be seen from afar and makes it possible to locate the village from the country roads.

Arces church

The bedside garden also offers a unique view of the banks of the Gironde estuary. Built in the 1911th century, the church of Arces-sur-Gironde has been listed as a Historic Monument since XNUMX.

The interior of the building is unique in the country of Royan. Indeed, the Brazillas Chapel is covered with brightly colored decorations (gold, red, blue) enhanced during the 2018 restorations. The apse is also painted with murals including the bottom of the oven in a celestial vault. The interior is also distinguished by its religious furniture with the presence of an XNUMXth century altarpiece.

Discovering the town of Arces-sur-Gironde

From the Saint-Martin church, take the flowery alley of hollyhocks to stroll through the town of Arces-sur-Gironde. Below the church, we arrive at theold fountain municipal street of the Knights. It fed a laundry and shower baths. Two plaques “Arces – Municipal Showers – 1951” and “Entreprise Rateau – Meschers” are still notably visible. 

In addition, Arces was located on the Roman road from Saintes to Fâ site in Barzan. Vestiges are reused here and there in the village, such as the Puyveil well. They remind the walker of the activity of our region at that time.

The village welcomes artists and craftsmen. Along the way, discover painting and sculpture workshops. There is no doubt that the local landscapes and the calm of the village were able to inspire them. Come meet them!

On leaving the village, at the bend in the paths, you can also see large dwellings such as the castles of Théon or Conteneuil.

Port Maran on the Gironde estuary

The Desir and Bardecille rivers mark the limits of the commune. Ultimately, Arces has always been able to use natural elements, whether water or wind (there are 5 mills and only one with wings). Thus a tannery existed in Lorivaux, on the Desir stream. THE Swamp have long been converted into grassland to exploit the resources of the Gironde estuary. They are used for breeding. Tons of hunting are present there.

This is Dau bench that Arces-sur-Gironde has its opening on the sea. It is located between the port of the seaside resort of Meschers-sur-Gironde and the listed village of Talmont-sur-Gironde. A coastal path connects the two towns. You can take it on foot or by bike for a walk as close as possible to the estuary.

Halfway, on a rocky point, Port Maran is bordered by squares, these cabins on stilts typical of Charente-Maritime. This hidden place offers a unique panorama of the largest estuary in Europe. Even in a country village, we fish and sail! In fact, captains, pilots, bargemen, sailors and ship carpenters have lived in Arces-sur-Gironde.

Go around Arces, on foot or by bike

Finally, put on the hiking shoes! From the place of the church, we leave on the path of Walks and Hikes PR 3, the estuary circuit, for nearly 15 km on the hillsides, direction Barzan. 

thierry avan

The path runs along the vineyards, approaches the Gallo-Roman site and the viewpoints over the Gironde estuary one after the other.

The landscapes of Arces-sur-Gironde can also be discovered by pedaling with the mountain bike circuit n°11 of Talmont-sur-Gironde. The 19 km loop is suitable for all levels. Even in the Saintonge countryside, the sea air is not far away. It's a ride for all the senses.

And, for lovers of great gentle roaming, the GR® 360 and bike ride Le Tour Royan Atlantique via Marennes pass through the town.

So why not stop off at Arces-sur-Gironde?

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