Between land and sea, the Gironde estuary surprises with its landscapes changing with the rhythm of the tides. A playground for boatmen and fishermen coming from small authentic ports, this maritime space is in perpetual motion.

Haven of wild and preserved peace, a few kilometers from Royan, its landscapes consist of valleys and vineyards. The entrance to the estuary is marked by the famous Cordouan lighthouse. It is used by sailors to navigate to Royan or to Bordeaux.

a land of ports

Over 70 km long and 12 km wide, theGironde estuary is considered the largest estuary in Western Europe. There, migratory fish such as meager, sea bass or even lamprey meet there.

The Gironde reveals itself on the water and lends itself to cruising. This offers new points of view on the territory and allows you to see the filadières, these traditional boats of the last century. We embark from a port for a walk on the estuary, we sail and we dream.

Squares on the Gironde estuary

On holiday in Royan, in Charente-Maritime, come and meet the villages on the right bank of the Gironde estuary, such as Cozes ou Mortagne sur Gironde. Facing the Verdon and the Médoc, admire the panoramas over the estuary as well as the hilly landscapes where hills and marshes alternate.

a plural terroir

Discover a natural heritage as rich as it is varied. THE limestone cliffs and coastal vines dominate the estuary. There is no straight line here. It is an alternation of escarpments and coves, some with a port, forming curves and roundings along the shoreline up to Blaye.

Hilly landscapes of the Gironde estuary

Over the centuries, the banks of the Gironde estuary have changed a lot. As it retreated, the sea gave way to Swamp. In these wet meadows The sheep of the estuary graze in particular. The wine-growing landscapes benefit from a temperate climate thanks to the mildness of the estuary and the salty air of the Atlantic. We go to meet the wine growers. Among other things, they tell you the secrets of Pineau des Charentes and Charentais wines. Between vineyards and curiosities, windmills dot this Gironde landscape.

From the Sainte-Radegonde church in Talmont-sur-Gironde to the Tour de Beaumont, a landmark for sailors, discover the Gironde estuary and its hillsides.

Discover the different towns of the Gironde estuary

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