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Culture 18 January 02 June 2024

Exposition : Voyage – Gillet, trois générations d’artistes

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10h Museum 31 avenue de Paris, 17200 Royan


31 avenue de Paris
17200 Royan

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Royan has been a meeting place and vacation spot for the Gillet family since Guillaume's childhood, since the 20s. The landscape and light of the Royan region play a role in shaping their sensitivity to the world of forms.

Guillaume Gillet (1912-1987), member of the Institute, chief architect of civil buildings and national palaces, First Grand Prix de Rome, built the Notre-Dame de Royan church. Through his work and his career, he is one of the most representative architects of the Trente Glorieuses. He was also a painter and decorator.
His daughter, Florence Gillet (1960), former resident of the Académie de France in Rome, former member of the Casa de Vélasquez, is an engraver and painter, she teaches visual arts at the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Val of the Seine.
Florence's son, Gaspar Dietrich (1985) is a photographer. He lives and works in the United States.
“Journey”, the common thread of the exhibition presented at the Museum, brings together the three artists and marks a certain presence in the world. Italy, and Rome in particular, were for all three, at different ages, fundamental places of education of the eye and discoveries of landscapes, architecture and paintings.
Sharing the pleasure of surprise, discovery and contemplation of the same object of admiration – landscape, painting, monument, light, etc. – is a rare and precious experience, testifying to the same passion, that of beauty. in its purity, its simplicity, its timeless and fleeting grace.
Travel is also a symbol of transmission. It is her father's hand drawing that Florence remembers. It was the blacks in his mother's engravings that brought Gaspar to photography. The exhibition allows you to discover travel diaries, engravings and black and white photos.

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Opening hours from January 18 to June 02, 2024
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The programme

Rencontre-conférence – Chemin des fables

Cours de croquis

Lectures – Autour de Guillaume Gillet

Conférence – Le littoral, « notre » dernière frontière

Conférence – Les enjeux de la Guerre de Vendée

Visite théâtralisée

Conférence – Années 20 : Art Déco et Mode des Années Folles

Visite dansée – Le Musée en mouvement

Rentrée littéraire d’hiver, sélection de printemps !


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