With over 250 km of cycle routes, Destination Royan Atlantique is definitely a destination for lovers of the little queen! The territory is a real playground for lovers of cycling tours and followers of “slow tourism”. Athletes will find routes that meet their expectations, while families will opt for easier bike rides around Royan.

4 ideas for bike rides

On a bike, you take your time. Everyone has their own pace to enjoy the natural landscapes in a different way. For a day or an afternoon, here is our selection of marked trails in the 4 corners of the territory, from historic seaside towns to the Côte Sauvage, passing through vineyards and marshes. The chosen routes mixing roads and paths, we advise the use of Hybrid Bikes. GPX track files are available for each ride.

1. Hybrid bike loop – 36 km ≈ 2h30: Around the Coubre Forest

Very easy level – Route made up of 80% cycle paths, ideal for families
On the edge of the ocean, the national forest of La Coubre extends over almost 8 hectares. Born of the will of men in the 000th century in order to contain the advance of the sands, this forest massif is the refuge of many animal species. This 36 km bike ride allows you to enjoy breathtaking views in the heart of this remarkable natural area.

Bike ride on the Vélodyssée at La Tremblade

2. Hybrid bike loop – 38 km ≈ 3h00: Between two estuaries 

Easy level
This 38 km cycle route offers a ride between sweet Seudre and salty Seudre, from Corme Ecluse to Saujon. The banks of this river draw a labyrinth of channels and squares of water trimmed with grass bordered by colored huts. A stop in the heart of the oyster port of Eguille is recommended to enjoy a view of the Seudre and the channel of the liman.

thierry avan

Hut on the Seudre estuary

3. Hybrid bike loop – 63 km ≈ 4h30: Gironde estuary and hills

Difficult level – Sporty route
The roads of the Gironde estuary are home to many vineyards and offer attractive stopovers in the estuary ports. This path between river and hills crosses the canton of Cozes with its remarkable terroir: Pineau, local wine, honey, lamb from the estuary, snails, melons... To the south, the route allows you to see the Beaumont tower, the last estuary balcony.


4. Hybrid bike loop – 143 km ≈ 3 days: The Tour Royan Atlantique

Difficult level – Long hike
This 143 km route allows you to cover the wide variety of landscapes through 23 municipalities in the territory. Departing from Saujon tourist station, the route runs along the Seudre and its oyster landscapes. The walk continues in the heart of the pine forest of the Grande Côte characterized by the presence of blockhouses, vestiges of the Atlantic Wall. After skirting the rocky coasts of the seaside resorts and their “Belle Époque” villas, the Gironde estuary offers a beautiful walk in the heart of a hilly countryside.

Where to rent a bike?

You don't have a bike or you want to rent specific equipment? Around twenty stores spread throughout the destination offer VTC, mountain bike, electrically assisted bicycles (VAE) rental, fatbike – adults and children – as well as helmets, carts, baby seats and even saddlebags. In season, remember to book in advance for a period of several days.


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