Exercising by the sea is good for the body and mind. We enjoy the benefits of iodized air and the quality of sea water and its marine salts. We can no longer count their positive effects on the immune system and their anti-stress properties. So, there is no longer any need to hesitate! We set out to discover the beach sports to practice all year round in Royan Atlantique. Solo or in groups, we try these local sporting activities which are attracting more and more fans.

Collective beach sports

Beach volleyball: a pure team game

thierry avan
Beach Volleyball, an essential sport on the beaches of Royan

Derived from volleyball, the Beach volleyball is one of the most popular beach sports. It is played as a team, two against two, on dry sand. While the height of the net is the same as volleyball, the court is smaller (8 x 16 m). By playing beach volleyball, we work on our cardio, mobility and also our agility. We let ourselves be carried away in a dynamic game where strategy combines with physical effort. HAS Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, members of the Volleyball club Côte de Beauté They also indulge in it all year round, even in winter, well covered! In summer, numerous tournaments, accessible to all, are organized on the beaches of Royan Atlantique.

Beach tennis: fun and energetic

At the crossroads of tennis, beach volleyball and badminton, we find the Beach tennis. This racket sport is played with your feet in the sand on a court the same size as beach volleyball. Equipped with special racquets (full, shorter and lighter than tennis), we perform rapid rallies by hitting the ball in flight, which therefore requires cardio, concentration and reactivity. We mainly play doubles to combine this thrilling sport with conviviality!

Did you know?

In 2022, the young Royannais Théo Lahondès wins the French Beach Tennis Open in doubles. It is thus quite naturally that he wins again at the International Beach Tennis Open in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne in July 2023.

Beach ultimate: a real state of mind

Le beach ultimate is a variation of ultimate frisbee (or flying disc). Two teams of five players compete on sand in this non-contact passing sport. The objective is to progress on the field and receive the disc in the opponent's goal zone. The competition takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. Indeed, this mixed sport is self-refereeed. The key lies in respect for others and fair play. Ultimately, on the pitch, we help each other as much as we compete! Agility, flexibility and speed are essential to score points. We join the clubs of Royan or Saint-Georges to test this dynamic beach sport.

Royan hosts, every year, the Grande Conche beach, the French Championships. It was even the scene of the World Championships in 2017!

thierry avan
Beach Ultimate on Royan beach

The longe-côte: tone and well-being on the program

Le coastal walk or water walk involves walking in water while being submerged up to the waist. To try, we go to a sandy beach with no difference in height or obstacle (no rocks) when the tide is rising. Then, once in the water, take long steps accompanied by arm movements for 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. This gentle activity combines virtues of walking and sea water. It strengthens the muscles in depth, without trauma to the joints, promotes blood circulation and thus improves the cardiovascular system. In addition to admiring the landscapes, we reconnect with nature and let go. On the territory, many associations offer to practice this sport, accessible to all, in groups for more sharing.

Coastline or water walk near Royan

Did you know?

This sport is even practiced in competition. There is a French Longe-Côte Championship with different events: solo or team, from 50 m to 1000 m, with or without paddle.

Sport rescue: full of adrenaline

Le sport rescue is a real discipline in its own right inspired by professional rescue methods. This fun and complete sport combines two specialties: flat water rescue (swimming pool) and coastal rescue (at sea or on a body of water). It includes various events on the beach and in the water: swimming, rescue board, surf skiing (kayak) but also sprinting on the sand. You can start lifesaving sports at any age. You have to be fast, durable and versatile. Affiliated with the French Rescue and First Aid Federation, theRoyan Atlantique First Aid Association (ASSRA) offers training and introductory courses to this sport with strong human values.

Each year, the Royan region has the honor of hosting one of the French Championships in the discipline bringing together nearly 700 competitors.

Coastal sports rescue training in Vaux-sur-Mer

Surfcasting fishing: patience is essential

Le surfcasting is a big game fishing technique practiced by the sea. This fishing method is accessible to everyone because it does not require a license or boat. However, you must have a large fishing rod (ideally 4,5 meters) with a long distance cast. Indeed, in surfcasting, the objective is to cast your line behind the first waves (between 5 m and 150 m from the shore) to reach the best catches. You can then bait speckled bass, sea bream but also meager or conger eel.

On the territory, the outings from the baths and estuaries are the areas to be prioritized. They serve as a refuge for small fish and a hunting ground for larger ones. We therefore mainly go to the beaches of the Côte Sauvage in La Tremblade, the Grande Côte and the Concié in Saint-Palais or finally to the beaches of Meschers-sur-gironde.

Surfcasting fishing from the beach of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

Good to know

In addition to specific equipment, we bring waders and neoprene wetsuits if we go into the water as well as several layers of warm clothing. And, if you plan to fish at dusk, don't forget the headlamp!

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