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PR N°4 – Chenac-Saint-Seurin-d’Uzet

At the start of the walk at the church of Chenac, there is a beautiful view of the estuary and the small port of Saint-Seuret-d'Uzet.



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Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring

At the port of Monards, possibility of a pleasant break where you can see fishing boats (amateurs) and pleasure boats. Count 1 km more round trip.

The source of the Bouil is hidden under the trees and its width does not reflect the legend which suggests that a cart and oxen were swallowed up there. On the small road to Chauvignac, another important source on which a pumping station is installed once fed a grain mill, and was fitted out by the Romans. The smallest pumping supplies Chenac, the other supplies 13 coastal towns. The source has a maximum flow of 1500 m³/h. The overflow goes out to sea via the Chauvignac channel.

Circuit carried out by the Departmental Hiking Committee of Charente-Maritime.

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