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Le Thélème


28 rue Gambetta
17200 Royan

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About Us

Beer bar - wine bar - food bar.

Who has never dreamed of a place where everyone could flourish without law, status or rule, but according to their will and free will? A place to live in osmosis with others, without ever interfering in your own freedom? A place to have good food, play music, read, talk, exchange, share? This place, François Rabelais imagined it in his work Gargantua through the abbey of Thélème. On its threshold, a single motto: "Do what you want".

Utopia of French literature, until today, it becomes reality for Manon and Mikaël, who dreamed of pushing the doors of a friendly, humanist bar, where sharing, discovery and exchange would be the key words. Its name: the Thelema.

Manon and Mikaël followed the lights of the Cordouan lighthouse and dropped anchor in Royan, country of adoption for this little over-vitamined and this tall placid who wanted to create a place of life for all the inhabitants, a den where it happens. always something, where you come to have a coffee with a neighbour, share a plate of charcuterie with friends, talk about music and literature, drink to the health of reunions, get together as a family, debate bitterly about the surrounding world and reconcile in front of a glass with a burst of laughter.

We want to create a friendly and authentic place, open all year round, for all Royannais and all visitors to our beautiful region. We want to invest ourselves fully, offer local products, from sustainable agriculture, put our dynamism and our good humor at the service of local life to contribute to the attractive image of Royan.

Information not communicated for 2023.

Location details

  • In the city


Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cash


Activities on site

  • Bar and pub

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