Destination Royan Atlantique presents a variety of fascinating landscapes and cultures. With its preserved spaces, its listed towns and villages, its unmissable sites, there is so much to see and do. Not easy to know where to start! Today, we invite you to discover the territory differently, through unusual and stimulating activities.

Accompanied by enthusiasts, you will explore hidden aspects of local heritage and history while living an original experience.

Our ideas for activities to discover the territory differently

1. Explore the region from the air

What could be better than gaining heights to change your point of view and bring a new look to our territory? Then all the beauty of our landscapes, a breathtaking panorama that we let you discover through our most beautiful views of the sky.

On flies over the coast of the Pays Royannais : the cliffs of Meschers, the Grande Côte, Bonne Anse and its sandbanks… It is first of all the contrast of the blue of the ocean and the green of the forest that impresses. You really realize the immensity of the Côte Sauvage. Then, the clears of the Seudre oyster basin take shape, forming a real patchwork around Mornac.

The pilots are committed to revealing their knowledge of historical remains as well as details that we would never notice from dry land. A first flight in a microlight is a unique experience offering a real feeling of freedom and unforgettable memories.

2. Slide in the meanders of the Seudre

In its maze of clears and channels, the Seudre estuary reserves an unsuspected fauna and flora. The best way to approach it is to navigate in the heart of the marshes, by kayak or paddle, accompanied by a local guide. Moreover, after a few strokes of the paddle, we find ourselves in an exceptional setting, surrounded by nature.

Discover the Royan Atlantique territory by kayak on the Seudre

At the rhythm of the tides, the movements of the water rock us and the tranquility of the place carries us away. This is when you have to open your eyes to see black-headed gulls, gray herons, but also little egrets and other marsh birds.

Walks with tasting of local products are also on the program. Beyond better understand the ecosystem of the estuary, we live authentic and convivial moments, simply out of time.

3. Discover the territory by tourist train

Aboard a tourist train, we let ourselves be carried away while admiring the landscapes that slowly pass before our eyes. The little trains of Royan and Palmyra offer commented walks telling the story of these seaside resorts and the coast of beauty. They highlight local anecdotes, architectural details or, moreover, atypical villas that deserve attention.

On the destination also runs the oldest steam locomotive in France. With the Train des Mouettes, we travel along the Seudre like in the Belle Époque! Even more amazing, you can now enjoy a gourmet meal on board its restaurant train, the Seudre Océan Express.

The tourist train is also a picturesque and family way to travel over short distances while taking your time.

4. Ride a fat bike and electric bike

Le fat bike is an all terrain bike equipped with wide tires that provide better grip. They therefore allow you to ride on rough and sandy terrain. It's the perfect way to survey the 8000 hectares of the Coubre forest ! To kiss some amazing views while taking the authorized paths, we opt for a guided tour.

Leaving from Royan, you can also ride a electric bike for a guided getaway with tasting along the coast towards Saint-Palais-sur-Mer or as far as Talmont-sur-Gironde. The opportunity to learn a little more about the riches of our heritage.

Thanks to electric assistance, these activities are accessible to all. They provide an original and entertaining outdoor experience. Finally, it's the perfect compromise between sport, discovery and nature !


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